Baki Season 4 Release Date, Casting, Plot & Everything You Need to Know!

baki season 4 release date

Baki, a Netflix original cartoon, explores the hardships of fatherhood in a unique way by concentrating on the interaction between a young kid and his father. Baki Season 4, which debuted on Netflix on June 4th, has already made it into the top 10 most-watched TV episodes of all time.

Baki Hanma, a world-renowned fighter, is one of the main protagonists. His primary ambition in life is to outfight his father in the ring. His father is generally considered to be the best martial arts practitioner in the world. No, I don’t see why you should be concerned about that. Even though our hero is a fitness fanatic, he’s not the primary focus of the program. Getting strong enough to take on his father will need Baki to engage in endless bare-knuckle brawls with other warriors. The third season’s title, ‘The Great Raitai Tournament Saga,’ relates to the narrative of our protagonist’s involvement in a tournament that attracts some of the world’s best fighters.

Date and Time of the Fourth Season of Baki Hanma


Baki’s fourth season will premiere in September 2021, at the latest. Baki: Son of Ogre 2 is announced to be adapted from the Baki Hanma manga by Netflix.

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When will Netflix Release Baki Season 4?

It was stated in Season 3 (Season 3) that Baki Hanna, Son of Ogre, will be reworked into the following season in September 2020. All Baki lovers were relieved to learn this. Season 3 or Season 4? Many fans are still unsure about the latter. According to Netflix’s first season split into two different installments in Japan, Season 4 will be Season 3 in the United States. Netflix’s release date for Baki Hanma season 4 has been set for 30 September 2022.


There was a huge reaction to the anime series’ teaser when it was released on September 2, 2021. Anime Netflix has posted a teaser for the next series on its YouTube account. It has received thousands of likes and views, and it’s just going to get better. However, it’s not yet certain whether both English and Japanese versions will be released at the same time. Part 3 will not be dubbed in English because of an internet backlash against it. Please bookmark our websites to stay up to speed on all the newest news.


A Storyline Summary for the fifth Season of Baki

Baki’s story revolves around lot of fighting, and that’s pretty much it. 
Manga arcs were used to break up the combat, thus the series has much larger narrative to follow the development of its characters. 
Two manga arcs, the Combat Shadow Fighting Saga and the Great Prison Battle Saga were included in the Baki Hanma ONA that debuted in 2021. 
In the event of fifth season, what’s in store for the fans?

As of this moment, there have been no official casting announcements for “Baki Hanma: Son of Ogre.” That being said, fans can expect to hear the usual voice actors make a return for this entry. Netflix’s “Baki” series cast actor Nobunaga Shimazaki as Baki, with Tôru Furuya acting as narrator. Meanwhile, actors Troy Baker and Kirk Thornton portrayed the same respective roles in the English Dub (via IMDb). The same pattern can likely be expected for major characters such as Retsu (Rikiya Koyama/Kaiji Tang) and Kozue (Sora Amamiya/Cherami Leigh).

The missing element in this situation will be in the series’ newcomer characters. Since no casting announcements have been made, it’s impossible to determine who will be joining “Baki’s” ever-growing cast of fighters. Unfortunately, fans may not be able to learn the identities of the show’s newest actors until Netflix actually releases the upcoming series.

The Fifth Season of Baki Is About to Begin.


It’s easy to follow Baki’s story arc — just keep battling! When it comes to combat, though, it was broken up by manga arcs and therefore the series has a much larger narrative to follow. Baki Hanma ONA shown in 2021 adapted two manga stories: the Combat Shadow Fighting Saga and Great Prison Battle Saga, which were based on the manga’s storylines. In the event of a fifth season, what’s in store for the fans?