Chuck Potthast Net Worth: Everyone Wants To Know His Career, Relationship And Much More!

chuck potthast net worth

Potthast Chuck’s Early Life

Despite his notoriety as the star of 90 Day Fiancé, Chuck Potthast does not yet have a Wikipedia entry. Many websites and social media accounts allow us to learn about him. He’s been on reality TV, but his personal life remains a mystery. He appears to have gained a lot of notoriety as both a TV personality and a real estate investor as a result of his appearance on the reality program.


Although Chuck seems to be in his late 50s or early 60s, he appears to have matured like a glass of superb vintage wine.

On Instagram, he goes by the pseudonym @chuckpotthast. He has 24.4k Instagram followers. The display image of him and his granddaughter shows us the two of them together.

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In Addition to His Wife and Children,

Chuck Potthast and Pamela Putnam were married. They previously went through a divorce. We don’t know whether Chuck is married right now. He has a family of seven. Charley Potthast, Elizabeth Potthast, Rebecca “Becky” Lichtwerch, and Jennifer “Jenn” Potthast Davis are the four Potthast children. His other two kids opted out of the limelight, opting to remain out of the public eye.


Elizabeth Potthast married Andrei Crastravet, the son of his daughter. Eleanor Louis Castravet, their daughter, was born to them. It was December 2017 when they married, and on January 23, 2019, they had their first child.

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Just How Much Money Does He Make and Where Does He Live?

Between $1 million and $5 million will be the approximate net worth of Chuck Potthast in the year 2021. (Approx.)


During the program, Andrei Crastravet made a $100,000 request. Chuck refused. People were eager to learn more about what he did for a living.

According to Stars Offline, Chuck owns CDC Capital Investments LLC, a firm he founded. He has a Florida-based business.

He is interested in the real estate industry and works as a broker. Aside from that, he receives a yearly salary of $240,000.

Married Chuck Potthast with Children


  • On television, we may see Chuck Potthast’s family history. However, he has yet to share anything about his marriage.
  • Pamela Putnam, Elizabeth’s mother, was Chuck’s wife in the past. However, they divorced at a very young age. Even after Pamela remarried and had a new family, she still attends Potthast family events and seems to have a good connection with her ex-husband as well.
  • Although Chuck’s ex-wife was open and honest about her life after the divorce, he stayed mute about his own.
  • In addition to Elizabeth, Chuck has three more children who appeared in the reality series 90 Days Fiance.
  • Becky Lichtwerch and Jennifer “Jenn” Potthast Davis, like their father, have an unfavorable connection with Elizabeth.
  • Charley “Charlie,” the younger brother of Chuck Potthast, is also involved in the reality television program. In addition, his two other kids have opted not to participate in the program and seem to be avoiding the limelight. Whether or if his two boys’ mother was also his wife remained a mystery.