Why Did Jesse Williams’ Divorce From his Wife Aryn Drake-Lee? Is It True? Check Here For Complete Information!

jesse williams divorce

His name is Jesse Wesley Williams. In addition to Grey’s Anatomy (2009–2021), he has acted in the films The Cabin in the Woods (2012), The Butler (2013), and Band-Aid (2016). (2017). In Detroit: Become Human, he supplied voice and motion capture for Markus (2018).

Early Life

A skilled potter by trade, Johanna Chase, and her husband Reginald Williams, raised Williams in Chicago. According to Jesse Williams, he is descended from a Swedish American mother and a Georgia-born African American father. His two younger brothers are also visual artists, and they devote their lives to their craft. Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island was Williams’ high school of choice in 1998. His father started teaching history in northern Maine when he finished high school, while his mother continued to work in the pottery industry.


Williams earned a bachelor’s degree in African American studies and a master’s degree in film and media arts from Temple University. Following in his father’s and mother’s footsteps, he worked as a high school English, American Studies, and African Studies teacher for six years in the Philadelphia public school system.

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Real Facts About Their Divorce

Ex-Wife Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Jesse Williams’ Ex-Wife Jesse Williams


Aryn Drake-Lee, the wife of “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams, has filed for divorce from him because he now “wants to be the sexy single man in Hollywood,” according to pals.

Friends of Williams feel that his success in Hollywood is to blame for his change of heart about his marriage. It’s ironic that he wants to be a gorgeous single Hollywood man after she invested so much money and sacrificed so much of her life in this relationship.” Jesse wants to… do everything he feels would help him become a better celebrity. It’s ‘the Jesse show,’ and he’s sipping his own Kool-Aid. He’s f – – king incorrect. He disregarded the pledges he had made. The insider claimed, “He wants to be single.”

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When Jesse Williams and ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee finalize their three-year divorce in 2020, the former Grey’s Anatomy actor will be able to play on Broadway after modifying the custody arrangement of their two children.

  1. Reportedly in court with his ex last week, the former Grey’s Anatomy actor was approved by a judge to make improvements for his children


  1. In 2022, Jesse has been given ‘tie-breaking power’ if the former couple cannot agree on ‘vaccinations or face masks for the children in relation to COVID-19.
  2. From March through June, Williams may be seen on Broadway in New York City as the lead in Take Me Out.
  3. After a lengthy three-year struggle, their divorce was completed in October 2020 and they were awarded joint custody of Maceo and Sadie.
  4. When Williams and Drake-Lee split in 2017, they had been married for five years and had dated for a total of 13 years.