Neil Young Net Worth: Complete Details of His Career, Lifestyle, Relationship & Much More

neil young net worth

Early Life

  • On November 12, 1945, Neil Young was born in Toronto, Canada.
  • This author’s father was a journalist and sportswriter, who also wrote fiction, Scott Alexander Young (1918–2005). Born Edna Blow Ragland in 1918, she was an active DAR member who passed away in 1990. Even though he was born in Canada, his mother was of French and American descent. When Robert “Bob” Young’s parents wed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1940, they relocated to Toronto, where their first son was born in 1942.


  • Following the birth of Young, the family relocated to rural Ontario, where Young subsequently recalled the town as a “sleepy little spot” with nostalgia.
  • During the last big epidemic of polio in Ontario in the late summer of 1951, Young acquired the illness and was left partially paralyzed on his left side. Upon Neil’s release from the hospital, his family decided to spend the winter in Florida in the hopes that the warmer climate would aid his recovery. Young temporarily attended Faulkner Elementary School in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, during that time period. After coming to Canada in 1952, Young resided in Omemee for a year (1956), then Pickering (1957–1960), before moving to Toronto (1957–1960). In 1959, while living in Toronto, Young temporarily enrolled as a freshman at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute. It is said that he was dismissed from school for riding a motorbike through the hallway.
  • Popular music on the radio piqued Young’s curiosity. When Young was twelve years old, his father, who had a history of adulterous relationships, decided to leave his mother and child. Divorce was granted to his mother in 1960 after she petitioned for it. While his brother Bob remained with his father in Toronto, Young returned to Winnipeg to live with his mother.
  • As early as the mid-1950s, Young was into rock and roll, especially rockabilly and doo-wop. He also liked R&B and country music. Many of his songs reference Elvis Presley since he was so in love with him. Link Wray, Lonnie Mack, Jimmy Gilmer, and the Fireballs, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Chuck Berry, Hank Marvin, Little Richard, Fats Domino, The Chantels, Ronnie Self, the Fleetwoods, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Gogi Grant were among the other early musical inspirations. Ukuleles were the first instruments that Young used to learn how to play music, and he went on to play everything except the guitar.

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  1. The first time Young wrote songs was after he quit the Squires. When he composed “Flying on the Ground is Wrong,” he became a songwriter for the first time and attained mainstream fame.
  2. Having established himself as a solo performer, Young issued his first album, simply named “Young,” in 1969. To record his second album, ‘Everybody Knows This is Nowhere,’ he joined the rock band Crazy Horse and worked on it together.
  3. “Harvest” was one of Young’s most commercially successful albums. There was a song in it called “Heart of Gold,” which topped the charts. Over the following several years, Young became a well-known and well-respected public personality. ‘Old Man’ was one of his most popular songs at this time.
  4. It was ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ that brought him back to his best with a comeback performance. Kurt Cobain often cited Neil Young as an influential musician. Improving his popularity with the younger generation via his influence. Next, Young became increasingly involved in political activities. His “long-forgotten” album, “Harvest,” will be released in 2020.

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What is Neil Young’s Relationship Status?

Do you believe that Neil Percival Young is now married? There are some personal details about him that you may be interested in learning about.

nintchdbpict0004298250191-e1543314851478-1438823 Using the information provided in the table below, we have summarised his personal life, including his marital status, spouse, current events, hobbies, and more. Here, we’ll tell you about some of his favorite hobbies and people. If you want to learn more about a person’s marital status, you may look at the table.


Listed here are a few of Neil Young’s finest performances:


The man from the South (Song, 1990)

Senior Citizen (Song, 1972)

Reap the benefits of your labor (Album, 1972)

Rock and Roll of the Revolution (Song, 1974)

Free World Rock’n’Roll (Song, 1989)

The Full Moon in October (Song, 1992)

Neil Young’s Financial Situation Is a Mystery.

Singer-songwriter Neil Young likes to invest in real estate and toy trains. Malibu was the location of Young’s Malibu house until the Woolsey fire destroyed it in 2018.

“Home” is a Song Written and Recorded by Neil Young and Made Famous by

Young lives in Redwood City, California, with his wife and two children. “Broken Arrow Ranch” is the name he has given to the property. On Bear Gulch Road, a cabin-style dwelling may be found at the end of the street.

Purchases by Neil Young in Other Genres

Toy train manufacturer Lionel LLC was one of Young’s companies. Through bankruptcy, he lost his stake in the firm. A music download streaming service, Pono, was also co-founded with his support.