TooTurnttony Net Worth In 2022: Everything Know About His Career, Life, Girlfriend, Family & Much More

too turnt tony net worth

He goes by the stage name TooTurnttony and is a prominent TikTok star by the name of Anthony (born February 11, 1997). Comedic videos and lip-synching routines have made him famous. As a model, he made a fortune, but his present job is raising ducks. In his TikTok videos, he is well-known for the role-playing he does with his duck.

Millions of people across the globe have fallen in love with him because to his favorite comedy videos. On TikTok, he has over 5 million fans, and on Instagram, he has over 348,000. As well as posting photographs of his farms and his pet ducks on Instagram, he is also well-known.

Early Years of TooTurnttony


From the time he was four, he started making videos. He and his father would put on a fake cigarettes and pretend to smoke on the top of the automobile. He had a deep love for the stage. Throughout college, he and his buddies made films and were active on Vine, a social media network, until it was shut down. He attended Western Michigan University for his undergraduate studies. He earned a bachelor’s degree in cinema, video, and media studies from the University of Southern California.

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Career of TooTurnttony

Are you familiar with the persona of TooTurnttony?


  • From a young age, Anthony had a strong desire to document his life via filmmaking. In addition, he enrolled in college to get a degree in film and video production. He became interested in bodybuilding and working out at the gym after graduating from high school. As a result of his impressive physical attributes, he was quickly sought after as a model.
  • He worked as a model for a while before quitting when he was offered a position in a film production firm. Because he was often making movies for his pals, they kept encouraging him to upload them on TikTok. He never had enough time to produce films because of his full-time employment.
  • For the duration of Covid 19, he was required to remain in quarantine and work from home. He has a lot of free time to devote to creating TikTok videos. His first TikTok videos were uploaded in the first half of 2019. A 25-year-old man who drives his mother nuts used to inspire him to produce videos.
  • Anthony did not plan any of the videos, but they were made on the fly or were inspired by real-life incidents. There are no intentions for the videos, but he captures them as they happen since they are so essential. His films have a comic edge that appeals to many lads who have beyond their adolescent years.
  • His other piece of advice for newcomers is to be authentic and not to try to push humor into their videos. In his remarks, he emphasizes that the public likes just that which they can relate to.
  • We encourage newbies to pay attention to Anthony’s advice since it has already gained over 5 million followers in only ten months of being published online. On TikTok, he’s getting close to 200 million likes. Over 15 million people have seen his Tactical Christmas TikTok video.

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TooTurnttony’s Romantic Relationship

Currently, who is TooTurnttony dating?


For his funny videos and original material, TooTurnntony is a popular TikTok celebrity in America.

He hasn’t spoken anything about his personal life since he prefers to keep it that way. Considering that he keeps his personal life quiet, it’s safe to assume that he’ll be blissfully single in 2022.

Who are the Parents of TooTurnttony?

There is no record of who his parents were. He’s kept his identity a secret for a long time now. It’s also common for him to post photographs of his parents on social media.

  1. A brother and a sister are both in his family. Dominick is his brother, while Maria is his sister.
  2. Known for his material and videos on many social media platforms, Tootrunttony is an American TikTok celebrity with a large following.
  3. Acting and modeling are his principal sources of income. TikTok and YouTube brand partnerships and sponsorships are how he makes his money.
  4. As a duck farmer, the celebrity earns a portion of his capital income in the same manner.

His Net Worth as 2022


His net worth is said to be about $500,000 according to several sources. He has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


too turnt tony net worth

  • Anthony is his full name.
  • His last name is Dawson, as shown by an Instagram post he made.
  • Aquarius is TooTrunttony’s horoscope sun sign.
  • He’s a twenty-four-year-old American from Michigan.
  • TooTrunttony is of the White race and a citizen of the United States.
  • The well-known American actor got his start in the modeling industry.
  • In 2022, he just became a member of the Tiktok team.
  • TikTok has more than 11 million followers and 438 million likes as of this writing.
    They have a brother and a sister who are TikTok stars.
  • YouTube is where he posts his vlogs and original content videos.
    In addition, he is a duck farmer and raises ducks on his ranch .’s
    Well-known Tiktok celebrities from the United States include TooTrun and Claire Rosenkranz.