Fireforce Season 3 Release Date: Everything Know About Its Trailer, Casting, Plot & Latest Updates


Since there are so many unique and visually attractive animated shows to choose from, anime is on the increase. There’s no denying that shonen action and supernatural dramas like “Demon Slayer” and “Jujutsu Kaisen,” which are both very popular in Japan, are gaining in popularity. Including “Fire Force” would be a disservice to the notion of spontaneous combustion and a squad of firemen, therefore we couldn’t leave it out.

fireforce season 3

The television series manga was written by Atsushi Kubo, a manga creator. Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic, is the focus of this narrative. A task to deal with Infernals has been given to Shinra, who accepts. After joining forces with another pyrokinetic group known as Special Fire Force Company 8, these individuals have been converted into living flames via spontaneous combustion.

One of Amazon Prime Japan’s most-watched anime television series, it finished its second season in December 2020. (Via Anime News Network). As “Fire Force” fans excitedly await the debut of Season 3, we’ve compiled a list of everything we know thus far.

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Retrospective of Seasons 1 and 2

Season 1 First up was Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic who had just been accepted into Special Fire Force Company 8 for the start of Season 1. CompanyCommandant Akitaru Obi, second-generation Battalion Captain Hinawa, the air-headed Arthur, and the all-powerful Benimaru Shinmon were only some of the characters featured this season. When it was revealed that infernals were not the result of accidental combustions or random flames, it was a stunning moment in Fire Force’s first season. A group of religious extremists that act out of admiration for the Evangelists have been exposed thanks to this finding. The White-Clad was one such organisation exposed.

fireforce season 3

Season 2 on the other hand had notable events such as the death of Captain Hague, the perilous exploration of the Nether, and the empowerment of Arthur and Shinra via their training. With their pivotal participation in Season 2’s dramatic events, the White-Clad definitely made an impression. One of the most memorable scenes was when Shinra and Charon fought over the new Robin Hood Adolla Burst, Inca. As a result of the whole incident, further information was revealed about the ‘Adolla,’ the unadulterated flame, and the Adolla connections. Finally, the White-Clad had Inca join their ranks, much to Arthur’s disappointment.

Juggernaut and Tamaki were also given a chance to shine in Season 2. Afterwards, Juggernaut’s courage took centre stage, helping Tamaki to confront his fear. Tamaki also had a deeper understanding of her skills as a result of the scenario. This culminated in the death of Captain Hague and Arthur and Shinra eventually learning the “Press of Death” from Benimaru Shinmon.

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This Is the Season 3 Plot Summary

The plot of “Fire Force” season 3 is still a mystery to us. Due to the manga’s prominence in the anime, it is expected that the third season of Shinra would follow suit.

fireforce season 3

In Season 1, certain chapters of volume 11 were covered, while some branches of volume 20 were covered in Season 2, which was the manga’s last volume. Only if “Naruto” or “Bleach” are used as filler in season 3 would it be possible to adapt up to volume 20 of the manga.

Fireforce’s 3rd Season Premiere Date

Due to the manga’s nearing end, the creation of a new season of anime may be put back. During an interview with Monsters and Critics, Okubo predicted that the manga will conclude around volume 30.

fireforce season 3According to Anime News Network, Okubo declared in the manga’s 23rd volume that the plot had come to an end and that “Fire Force” would be his last effort. The manga’s end may be pushed out a bit since there have been 28 novels released. Season three The season will launch sometime in September 2022, although that has not been confirmed yet. When it has been verified, we will let you know.

Fire Force’s Third Season Characters

  • Shinra
  • Kusakabe
  • Kotatsu
  • Tamaki
  • Joker
  • Iris
  • Maki Oze

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