How to Ease Traveling: The Main Apps for a Perfect Journey

How to Ease Traveling: The Main Apps for a Perfect Journey

It’s no secret that a good trip begins with thorough preparation. So before you pack your suitcase or backpack, don’t be lazy to get as much information about the place where you are going.

If all the charms of package tours you prefer free floating, the trip promises to be more interesting and the preparation – more thorough. Deciding on the direction, finding out about interesting places, and looking for a place to stay – how much trouble is piled on the head of the conquerors of new spaces! To deal with everything, download these apps.

Preparing for a Trip

Tripster is a social network where travelers share their stories, impressions, and photos from different cities. This app tells you about places to stay, prices, and customs.

TripIt is a useful planner that keeps all documents: reservations, boarding passes, and copies of documents. You can share information with others.

PackPoint tells you what to take with you based on the purpose and length of the tour. It takes into account the weather at your destination. You can share these lists with your friends.


The first app to download in this category is, which has over 28 million accommodation options: hotels, hostels, apartments, and substandard accommodation. It’s a fast and reliable tool with honest reviews and ratings.

Hotel Tonight will find hot hotel deals. Short and easy descriptions, and the ability to book a room in 10 seconds will satisfy all users.

RoomGuru finds, compares, and books hotels at the best prices from major sites like, Expedia,, Agoda, and others.

You should also download Couchsurfing. Through this app you can find not just a bed for the night, and make friends in an unfamiliar place. They will shelter you for free and introduce you to the city.

Another app is Here you can find shelter and food in exchange for services rendered. For example, for cleaning, babysitting, or working in the kitchen.

Maps, Tours, and Entertainment

CityMaps2GO can build the best route plan to the selected locations, tell you what to see, and save your future travel plans.

Flush is similar to the fastest payout online casino in terms of usability. It’s a tool in an unfamiliar area, though a little unusual. It will tell you where the nearest public toilet is. Not only will it take you to it, but it will also tell you whether it’s free or for a fee, whether you need a key to use it, and whether the toilet is suitable for people with disabilities.

Sygic Travel takes care of travel time planning, shows the sights and their descriptions. It also shows pictures, prices, schedules, and other useful information for tourists.

SANDEMANs NEW Europe provides access to free walking tours of some cities in Europe and the Middle East. Local volunteer guides get the experience and you get the fun.

GetYourGuide is an app with tours to interesting places around the world. You can buy mobile tickets, bookmark your favorite places, and read reviews from other users.

Don’t forget about Google Arts & Culture. Over 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 countries are on your smartphone. You can view great works of art from your screen, or you can find out which museums and exhibitions are nearby and go there in person.