Pokimane (Imane Anys) Net Worth 2022: Everything to Know Her Career, Lifestyle, Relationship & Much More!

imane anys net worth

What Is the Name of Pokimane?

Moroccan-Canadian internet celebrity Pokimane (Imane Anys, born May 14, 1996) For her Twitch live broadcasts, Anys is most known for streaming video game material, such as League of Legends and Fortnite.

pokimane-net-worth-9145860She also has a YouTube channel. She’s a part of OfflineTV, a community of independent video makers on the internet.

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Career of Pokimane

As part of a sponsorship, Pokimane initially broadcast gameplay and commentary of the most-watched video Fortnite. The rapper Designer first paired her up with her, but she subsequently switched to Josh Hart.


Twitch has collaborated with Pokimane in 2018. For their TwitchCon event in 2018, she was one of 15 ambassadors. The partnership with Twitch Creator Champ, a series of broadcasts and articles aimed at helping content producers develop successful channels, came later.

Her Twitch account has 4.9 million followers as of 2019, and her videos have been seen 111.3 million times. Aside from that, Pokimane has a YouTube channel called “Pokimane,” where she has 5.19 million followers and 429,4 million views to her credit. The channel’s particular genre is “Gaming,” and she has made a number of gaming-related videos and other content.

In addition, she has a channel on YouTube called “Poki ASMR,” which is now operational. Video blogs, gaming content, and podcasts may all be found on the “Pokimane” channel. Videos are also available on this one (part of ASMR channels). While she is also part of the social entertainment group and Offline TV, she has a lot of experience in the field of content creation and distribution.

Uncut video snippets of her live streaming are posted on Pokimane VODs and Poki ASMR, respectively, on her YouTube channels. She often posts films about her private life on her picture channel. She is also a part of the prominent YouTube channel OfflineTV, which has over a million subscribers.

She has been in a famous film called Free Guy in 2019 together with a number of other well-known online personalities. Cloak by Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, two well-known fashion labels, hired her as a partner and creative director in 2020.

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Boyfriend of Pokimane


Pokimane does not have a spouse. She isn’t seeing anybody right now, and we don’t know anything about her previous relationships either.

Now, How Much is Pokimane’s Net Worth?

Pokimane’s current net worth is difficult to ascertain, particularly in light of the fact that she has previously rejected significant sponsorship offers (one purportedly worth $3 million).


While Pokimane hasn’t revealed how much money she earns, she has a wide audience and a variety of income sources owing to the variety of material she creates for her multiple channels and social media platforms (she also posts real-world videos on Tik Tok for example, alongside her gaming relative streams and content).

We estimate her net worth to be anywhere between $2 and $3 million because to her exclusive partnership with Twitch for live feeds.

Exactly How Is Pokimane’s Revenue Generated?

How does Pokimane earn her money if she doesn’t win a lot of money in gaming competitions and such?? As a Twitch streamer, her charming nature can be seen in her material, which attracts a large following.


In terms of tournament profits, she may not be one of the most well-paid players, but her wide variety of material continues to be a huge hit.


Pokimane’s vast appeal to a wide variety of demographics means that she has a wide range of prospective customers tuning in to her material, as is the case with any well-known streamer. Ads for a variety of items will be attracted by this fact.


It’s hardly surprising, considering Pokimane’s extensive reach across several platforms, that the majority of her money comes from “sponsors, investments and exclusive contracts.”

She is also allowed to pick and choose whatever sponsorship agreements she wants to take using the money she makes from her present ones. Because she didn’t want to work with them, she is said to have rejected a $3 million agreement.

It’s easy to understand why Pokimane has become the world’s most popular female streamer and content producer, especially when you include in sponsorship partnerships with businesses who supply her with her computer and gaming equipment, such as Hyper X.