Requirement of CPS Health Screener for Chicago Public School: Why Is It Use and How It Protect From Covid 19

cps health screener

What Is CPS Health Screener App

The CPS Health Screener App, which is designed to protect Chicago Public Schools students, staff, and visitors, will be discussed in this article.


Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Chicago Public Schools requires health screenings like the ones provided by the city. Temperature checks must be passed by all visitors, students, and staff to the CPS School or any facility that belongs to the CPS group.

If you plan on spending more than 10 minutes in the building, this must be completed.

When scanning the QR Code or going straight to the website, this screening procedure must be begun by a mobile phone.

Evaluating the Health of CPS COVID-19 is Required Under the CPS COVID-19 Health Screening Requirements.

Our schools and offices now have new health measures, like as daily health screenings and temperature checks, put in place by CPS. In order to attend CPS facilities, a health screening will determine whether you are permitted.


Requirements for CPS COVID-19 Health Screening
CPS has instituted additional health measures, including daily health screenings and temperature checks, across our schools and workplaces. It is up to the health screening to tell you whether or not you may attend a CPS facility.

IEP exams and meetings, CTE programs, remote learning supervision, and other authorized programs or services may need the presence of staff, students, and their families in our schools as we prepare for the 2020–21 school year.

We have introduced new health standards in our schools and offices to guarantee the safety of our community and assist prevent the spread of COVID-19. These processes include daily health screenings and temperature checks.

Here’s How to Finish the Health Test online:


To begin, go to for the official online health screening.

In addition to the URL, you may also visit the website by scanning the QR code with your phone’s camera.

On that page, follow the instructions to the letter.

Upon successful completion of the Screening, you will be allowed to enter the building.

The temperature check must be completed after the CPS health screening procedure for pupils has been completed and passed.

Anyone with a fever of less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be allowed through the screening process.

Fever or other symptoms that suggest COVID-19 will result in you being sent home from the hospital.

It is not possible to perform this health screening prior to your arrival on site.

Please Note Down – “By Answering the CPS health screener App questions, You are acknowledging that you are entering the sensitive information into the screener. This data will confidentially be used by the state as per the federal laws.”