Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date: See Everything to Know About Trailer, Casting, Plot & Much More

tokyo revengers season 2

RManga artist Ken Wakui created the manga series Tokyo Revengers, set in the city of Tokyo. A weekly Kodansha magazine serialization has been running since March 2017. There will be an anime television series adaption from April to September 2021, by Liden Films. In July of 2021, a live-action film adaptation was released in Japan.

Officially Confirmed or Not: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has been confirmed, however, an official release date has not yet been revealed. The latest information suggests that Season 2 will premiere in October 2022.

After a new season has been announced, it often takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months before it can be seen online. Assuming it will be published in October of that year, despite speculations to the contrary, given that the year 2022 was established, the most likely release date is that month.

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What Characters Will Be Back In The Anime’s Second Season?


Tokyo Revengers” begins with the introduction of Takemichi Hanagaki, a jobless 26-year-old living a life of misery. When Takemichi, at 14, joins the Tokyo Manji Gang, he becomes known as Toman, and this is when the bulk of the story is set. Michael “Mikey” Sano is the gang’s boss and is best known as Manjiro “Mikey.” A 15-year-old who is usually escorted and protected by Draken, a fellow Toman member, is the subject of this article.

Many Toman members make appearances in the anime, although a select few high-ranking lads play a more significant part as the story progresses throughout the show. Aside from Tomen, the first division has Keisuke Baji as its captain, as well as other active members such Atsushi Sendo and Makoto Suzuki as well as Kazushi Yamagishi as its vice-captain.

Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers Has a Plot.


To us, predictions for the forthcoming season of Anime are of little value. It is possible, though, that the show’s narrative might alter at any moment. Sources tell us that there will be more characters introduced in the second season. In several films, the protagonist is seen as being shackled to a dismal existence.

This season, it seems that the lead’s role girlfriend has fewer odds of being saved. However, the protagonist must now rescue himself.

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Renewal of Tokyo Retribution: Season 2


The second season of Tokyo revengers has been renewed. A release date for the program has not yet been established. It’s true that we made a few predictions for the second season.

In the End

Anime critics consider Tokyo revenger to be among the greatest. In terms of IMDB’s popularity, the action/thriller series has an 8.4/10 rating. Our fingers are crossed that the dates for Season 2 of Tokyo Retribution will be announced shortly.