Dragon Ball Super Anime Return:Everything Need to Know about Casting, Plot, Trailer & Much More

dragon ball super anime return

However, Broly has been confirmed not to be a part of Season 2 of the Dragon Ball anime, to the disappointment of many fans.

Moro’s storyline is likely to be adopted into the second season of Dragon Ball Super manga, despite its departure from the anime narrative.


We’ll talk about how things are moving at Toei Animation and when we may anticipate Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super to be released today while everything is still a rumor.

Announcement of the Dragon Ball Super Hero Movie

When Dragon Ball fans were getting excited for Season 2, a movie was planned for release in 2022. It’s not yet official, but we’ll let you know as soon as it is.


The full title “Dragon Ball Super Hero” has been announced at San Diego Comic-Con. It was previously known that Toei Animation was working on a feature, but no announcements had been made.

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The Season 2 Plot of Dragon Ball Super.

Things happened differently in manga form than they did in season one’s animated series. The Moro storyline is currently ongoing in the manga, and DBS Season 2 is expected to center on it.


Moro is a menace to the multiverse since he has been haunting the cosmos for thousands of universes and he gains his powers by consuming the life energy of planets. Despite Goku and Vegeta’s best efforts, will their new abilities be enough to overcome Moro?

The Moro arc will be a terrific narrative for Dragon Ball Super 2, but the fans want more from the series. Toei’s fans want to see Vegeta meet the king of Sadala on the planet. Perhaps Vegeta will teach them about the legend of King Vegeta and the destruction of his home planet, Vegeta, in Universe 7.

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Gohan Has Arrived!

Goku and Vegeta have dominated the show for the longest time as its top dogs and central heroes. Nonetheless, it’s about time Gohan returned.

After the events of Dragon Ball Z’s Cell Saga, Gohan retreated to the background and has been quiet ever since. We may expect an arc in the future when Gohan goes to extremes and rescues the world.

Gohan’s reappearance may be the focus of the first episode of Dragon Ball Super Season 2. A battle between Gohan and the likes of Moro and Gas will be something to see.

Even in the manga, Gohan has been absent for an extended amount of time. Who knows whether Season 2 will see the reappearance of Gohan. In your opinion, what should I do?