In/Spectre Anime Season 2 Released Date Is Confirmed: Is It True? Check Out Its Storylines, Character & Everything You Need to Know About This Animated Series

in spectre anime season 2

Anime fans eagerly anticipate the second season of In/Spectre, which premieres in the winter of 2020. The anime combines themes of mystery, isekai, and romance to create a unique experience.

The story revolves around Kotoko, the goddess of knowledge, as she investigates different incidents between humans and yokai.

In the near future, we meet Kuro, a mystery youngster who has skills that enable him to connect with Yokai as well as her. Both the spiritual and human worlds are examined by the two of them.

A lot of attention was paid to Spectre, which was able to enchant a wide audience with its story. The characters had a terrific connection because of their differing personalities, and they immediately became everyone’s favourites.

In/Spectre Season 2’s Main Characters Are:

In/protagonist, Spectre is Kotoko Iwanaga. Yokai abducted Kotoko when he was 11 years old; they inhabit a fictional nation called the Yokai Kingdom. The name “Yokai” refers to a category of monster spirits that includes creatures like the turtle-like Kappa and the long-nosed Tengu, the inspiration for the “goblin” emoji. Yokai are common in Japanese folklore (via Emojipedia). Yokai culture chose Kotoko to be their “Goddess of Wisdom,” and she grew up to become their ambassador in the human world.


In spite of the fact that this has elevated her position among yokai, she has lost an eye and limb in the process.

Kuro Sakuragawa, another adolescent with ties to the yokai, sits across from Kotoko. Kuro, on the other hand, is dreaded among the yokai due to a childhood episode in which his grandmother fed him yokai meat, while Kotoko is revered. However, he is endowed with several abilities due to his ingestion of the yokai. These include the capacity to predict his own destiny and the ability to cure himself of nearly any damage.

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Season 2 Of “In/Spectre”: What Happens Next?


We saw Kotoko and Kuro start dating in the previous season. Saki-San is no longer a menace, but Kuro’s elder cousin Rikka Sakuragawa is now the actual threat. Rikka is on the run, so Kotoko and Kuro are forced to investigate a number of unsolved mysteries.

We anticipate both of them to try their best to find Rikka in the second season. Another possibility for season 2 is the apartment suicides that have occurred in the same building as Rikka’s just moved-in unit.

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Season 2 of In/Spectre is Set to Premiere in October 2022, the Fall Anime Season.


In/Spectre Season 2 was revealed to be in development by Crunchyroll on Twitter in November 2020. In/Spectre Season 2 will premiere in 2022, according to a teaser image released a year later.

Second teaser images were released in early March 2022, announcing the October 2022 debut.

Trailer for the Film