Is World Trigger Season 3 Over? Check Here Its Upcoming Season 4

Is world trigger season 3 is over

Many anime fans are wondering when the third season of “World Trigger” would be released after the second season ended on April 4, 2021. World Trigger is a Japanese anime adaptation of Daisuke Ashihara’s manga series of the same name. Season 1 ran from October 5, 2014, through April 3, 2016, and had 73 episodes. There will be a second season of the show after the previous one was a huge hit.


The second season ran from January 10, 2021, through April 4, 2021, with 12 episodes. As soon as the second season ended, the supporters began to demand a third season to be produced. How long will it be until the third season airs? Including its release date, cast, and episode count, we’ve got all the information you need on World Trigger Season 3.

Do you Know When Season 4 will be Released?

For the time being, Toei has not confirmed a release date for the forthcoming season. If the studio agrees to bring the show back, a new season might be published by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

The third Season of World Trigger has a Total of How Many Episodes?

The time between seasons two and three is a mere five months. This isn’t a common occurrence in anime. On the official website for World Trigger Season 3, only 12 episodes were mentioned. However, two further episodes were added to the third season’s cliffhanger in order to wrap things off on a high note. As a result, there are currently 14 episodes in Season 3.


It was released on January 9, 2022, and broadcast on January 23, 2022, although Episode 14 was postponed. In the season 3 finale, the anime series reached its 99th episode.

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Is there a fourth season planned for World Trigger?

After a one-week delay, the last episode of Season 3 of World Trigger was published yesterday. Anime fans are now asking whether Toei Animation plans to bring the program back for a fourth and final season at this point. The information you need may be found right here.

is world trigger season 3 over

World Trigger is the name of the anime adaptation of the Japanese manga World Trigger by Daisuke Ashihara. Toei Animation published the first season of World Trigger in 2014, a run of around 70 episodes. After a great run that was well-received by the locals, the season came to an end in 2016.

In 2021, the original cast returned to resume their roles in the revival of the program. In the meanwhile, the third season has come to an end after 14 spectacular installments.

Some media outlets claim that Season 3 translated the manga up to Volume 22. The second season of World Trigger is possible after all 24 volumes of the series have been published.

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Season 4 of World Trigger: What Could It Possibly be About?


The third season of World Trigger has just been released. The spoiler is thus unavailable at this point. This article will be updated as soon as we hear of any Season 4 spoilers. If you haven’t already, please visit our page every day and keep up the good work.

Who may Appear in World Trigger Season 4?

When it comes to World Trigger Season 4, we can anticipate almost every character to return, even if there hasn’t been any official announcement. Season 4 is likely to include several well-known faces as well. Additionally, there are various new recurring and side characters who we may see in the following season.

The cast of this program includes a number of well-known and skilled voice actors.

  • Osamu Mikumo is played by actor Yûki Kaji.
  • Yuuma Kuga appears in Tomo Muranaka’s work.
  • Chika Amatori by Nao Tamura is shown here.
  • It’s the job of Hideyuki Tanaka to tell the story.
  • Osamu Mikumo is represented by Brian Doe.
  • Presenter Yûichi Nakamura introduces Yuichi Jin to the audience.

Ratings and Reviews for Season 4 of World Trigger


If you haven’t watched the series before and are interested about its quality, I can tell you that it’s rather enjoyable! The program has a decent IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and an average audience rating of 7.58/10 on Myanimelist. As a result, I highly recommend this program. Check out what other people have to say if you’re still uncertain about going.