David Portnoy Net Worth: Details You Need To Know Right Now!

david portnoy net worth


On March 22, 1977, in Swampscott, Massachusetts, David Portnoy was born. In 1999, he graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in education, after graduating from Swampscott High School.


Following graduation, he moved to Boston, where he worked for Yankee Group, a market research firm for information technology.

The Net Worth of Dave Portnoy:

The estimated net worth for Dave Portnoy in 2021 is about $100 million (USD). Through his business, blogging, and other endeavors, he has amassed a sizable fortune.


Salary: According to various news sources, David Portnoy earned $687,063 as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Cryo-Cell International Inc.

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How Much he Makes from Barstool Sports and his Other Businesses Is a Mystery:

In terms of assets, David Portnoy just paid a stunning $14 million for a property in Miami’s Morningside neighborhood. As far as we know, the house faces the sea.

A $9.5 million Hamptons beach home estate in Montauk is said to be Portney’s other major asset, according to the press.

As It Pertains to My Own Life:

Jews make up around a quarter of Portnoy’s population. The couple wed in 2009 and divorced in January 2017; they had been married for six years. Portnoy has been seeing Silvana Mojica since 2021. To help small businesses hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, Portnoy gave $500,000 to The Barstool Fund in 2020. By the end of May 2021, the campaign had raised almost $39 million for 348 different companies.

Allegations of Sexual Misbehavior:

An exposé by Business Insider in November 2021 claimed that Portnoy had participated in violent and aggressive sexual encounters with three young women, as well as having secretly videotaped them without their knowledge or permission. He admits to breaking the rib of one of these ladies while having intercourse, which he did. Even though he acknowledged to inflicting the harm, he maintained that the intercourse was consensual. Portnoy reacted to the report as a “hit piece,” claiming that Business Insider had spent eight months looking for proof of his malfeasance.

david portnoy net worth

Another Business Insider piece detailing the experiences of young women who have been sexually assaulted and harassed was released in early February 2022.

Immediately after the publishing of these additional accusations, Portnoy filed a lawsuit against the newspaper. “False and defamat,” he says, despite several reports to the contrary.

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The Career of Dave Portnoy:

Dave Portnoy has an estimated net worth of $125 million at the time of writing. David Scott Portnoy, more often known as David, started working at Yankee Group, an IT market research firm, in 1999, shortly after graduating. Four years into his tenure there, he started developing the idea for Barstool Sports, a digital media firm. On January 7, 2016, Peter Chernin, the CEO of the Chernin Group, bought a controlling stake in the firm. After some time, the corporation made the statement that New York City will be the new home of its corporate headquarters.


Barstool Sports’ co-founders were eventually purchased by Penn National Gaming, a racetrack, and casino firm, for $36.4 million in 2020. Even after the deal, the Chermin Group will have a 36% stake in the firm. The digital media blog’s content was still under David’s control, and he was still CEO of the firm. Dave Portnoy’s net worth has risen to $125 million as a result of this performance.

His online series, “One Bite with Davey Pageviews,” has David as the host and hosts His objective was to evaluate every pizza shop in Manhattan in 2017 when he started making the program. On the program, he was joined by a number of celebrity pizza critics.

As mayor of Boston in 2013, David ran unsuccessfully for office. However, he was unable to run since he did not have enough signatures on the nomination form.

As of January 2022, Dave Portnoy’s net worth was estimated to be roughly $140 million by precise net worth, a different internet domain. Since launching Barstool Sports, his online media company, his net worth has risen significantly. His generous donation to The Barstool Fund during the COVID-19 epidemic garnered almost $39 million for 348 firms by May 2021.

Career Highlights:

  1. The founder of Barstool Sports is
  2. All Davey Pageviews in a Single Bite (Internet show, 2017)

What Is it about Portnoy that Sets him Apart from the other Candidates?

As a result of word-of-mouth, Barstool Sports was not a household name immediately. With a strong audience and healthy advertising-income, the print version stood on its own two feet. When Dave’s blog went live and his career took off, the firm grew even more. Known for their irreverent approach on sports and life in general, Barstool Sports dominated the online sports industry and attracted a sizable following with their funny content. Fans of Dave and his co-hosts found their on-screen antics entertaining, and the show’s popularity grew.


Kevin Clancy (KFC), Keith Markovich (KMark), and Dan Kantz (Big Cat) have all gone on to become superstars in their own right as a result of their appearances on Barstool Sports. Barstool Sports’ and Dave Portnoy’s success may be attributed to their shared vision, tenacity, and willingness to try new things. When he started Barstool Sports, he was one of just a handful of comparable websites, but he was able to make it stand out and become a hit. As a result, he will have a Dave Portnoy net worth of $125 million by the end of the year 2022, according to Forbes.