Joel Osteen Net Worth: Everything Need To Know About His Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

joel osteen net worth

As a Child

His birth date is 05/03/1963; he was born in Texas USA. His parents were Dolores Pilgrim and John Osteen. He has a total of five brothers and sisters. The Lakewood Church was founded by his father, a retired preacher. Humble High School, where Joel graduated in 1981, was his last stop before entering the workforce. When he graduated from Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, he went on to get a bachelor’s degree.


A communications course was taken by Joel but he never finished it. His father, Pastor John Osteen, was a well-known preacher, so he built a television network that aired his lectures. Joel became head pastor of Lakewood Church in 1999, after the death of his father.


After the death of his father, Joel Osteen began preaching. The congregation expanded to 43,000 people as a result of his well-received message. He subsequently relocated the church to the Compaq Center, where he refurbished it to accommodate a greater number of worshippers. Under his leadership, the Lakewood church TV show is seen by millions of people across the globe every week.


In 2006, he was included in Barbara Walters’ list of the 100 most intriguing individuals in the world. Numerous works, such as Your Best Life Now and Become a Better You, are the work of this prolific author. The Star and Words of Art are just two of the programs he’s featured on.

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In What Ways does Joel Osteen Use his Wealth?

According to reports, Osteen earns $55 million a year through his book sales, radio program, lecture fees, and church collections.

Recordings of his Easter Sunday sermon were seen by more than 4.6 million people. It’s clear that Osteen has the money to buy expensive vehicles and properties.

His Personal Life & Relationship

In 1987, he married Victoria Osteen, his co-pastor of Lakewood Church. Jonathan and Alexandra are the couple’s only children.

When asked about his stance on same-sex marriage in an interview with CNN, he said that he was opposed to it, and he used Christian scripture to back it up.
As the pastor of the Lakewood Baptist Church, where his father had served for many years, he talked a lot about religion but never studied theology or divinity.
Several hoaxes centered around Osteen in 2013, with the most well-known being dubbed ‘The Joel Osteen Hoax.’

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More than $90 million was spent by this well-known American preacher and televangelist to refurbish Lakewood Church and expand its capacity to 16,000 people.

Joel Osteen owns a Number of Properties

Osteen has a house in Houston, which he takes great pride in. It cost him $10.5 million to acquire the property. He also has a $2.9 million Tanglewood house near Houston.

joel osteen net worth

Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, and a guest room are included in the mansion’s features.

His Personal Net Worth

At one point, he was worth $100 million. Joel Osteen is an American preacher and author. It is only in the United States that he is able to reach millions of people with his televised sermons. People from all around the globe have responded positively to his speech. In addition, he has written a number of best-selling novels in the United States. He is now the senior pastor of Lakewood United Methodist Church.


After a plumber discovered $600,000 in cash stashed between the walls of Joel Osteen’s home, he shot to fame. Even before this, he has been the target of skepticism. In addition, he has been in a number of television documentaries.

Cars from Joel Osteen

The Ferrari 458 Italia that we can see in Osteen’s garage is one of the most costly vehicles he owns.

Highlights Of His Career

Highlights from Joel Osteen’s career, as compiled by Forbes:

  1. 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life Right Now: (Autobiography, 2004)
  2. Friends of God: Alexandra Pelosi’s Road Trip (Documentary, 2007)
  3. Improving Your Quality of Life Every Day: 7 Steps to Doing So (Autobiography, 2007)
  4. Artistic Phrases (Documentary, 2014)
  5. Ascending (Movie, 2017)