Ranking Of Kings Season 2: Is Confirmed or Not? Check Here For Latest Updates!

ranking of kings season 2

Ranking of Kings Season 2

After the last episode was released earlier this week, fans are wondering when the series would return for another season of the Ranking of Kings (also known as Ousama Rankings).

Ranking of Kings swiftly became one of Crunchyroll and Funimation’s most popular seasonal anime shows despite its unusual animation style. So, the return of the program for a second season is a certain conclusion. Exactly what are people curious about?


For a series to obtain a sequel announcement, the success of the show and its original material are the two most crucial considerations. All the boxes have been checked when it comes to the series’ popularity. MyAnimeList gives the show an 8.79/10, while Crunchyroll gives it a 4.6/5.

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Predicted Release Date for Season 2

For a second season of the series, it might take up to three more years if the pace of chapter releases by the author stays the same. Season 2 won’t be available to viewers until 2023 if Studio Wit wants another 24-episode season.


This might change, though, if the production committee decides to produce a 12-episode second season. As a result, supporters will have to put up with a lengthy wait.

Plot of The King’s Ranked Season 2

Season 2 of Ranking of Kings has yet to be announced, thus we don’t know which manga chapters will be translated. If the second season does materialize, we don’t know where it’ll go because of the absence of information. That it will continue the show’s plot is all we know for certain for now. The following is a summary of the show’s storyline.

This is the end of the Bosse kingdom. Prince Bojji, the youthful successor who would take over when the founder, who was famed for his Herculean strength, is gravely sick. All of society’s ridicule falls on him since he is deaf and dumb, and lacks the ability to wield a sword.


According to the criteria used to rate monarchs by their ability to rule, if he takes on the role of king, his nation would fall behind other monarchies in terms of authority. Daida, the prince’s eldest son, stands to gain the most popularity from this perspective.

Bojji, on the other hand, is always smiling. To his surprise, he cheerfully hands up his garments even when a shadowy figure commands him to. For the first time in his life, the youngster has someone to talk to. This odd criminal is able to comprehend what he says. Afterward, Bojji discloses to him his ambition: to become the world’s greatest king!

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Cast of The King’s Ranked Season 2

Because we have no idea whether there will be a second season of Ranking of Kings, we can’t talk about who the cast and characters may be. Assuming, of course, that the show’s actors will remain mostly unchanged, we don’t foresee too many changes in the show’s framework in season two. Season one’s most prominent characters, which are expected to return for a second season, include:



by Minami Hinata (voice)


Ayumu Murase is the narrator.


Yki Kaji is the voice actor.


It was voiced by: Rina Sat


Takuya Eguchi is the voice behind the character.

Where Can I see the Second Season of Ranking of Kings?

No season two of Ranking of Kings is available at this time, thus there is no way to view the show online. Streaming through Funimation and Crunchyroll, two of the top anime-related websites on the Internet, is a safe bet for a second season, given that the previous one was broadcast worldwide.