What Is Facebook Lite and How It Differs from the Standard Facebook App. Everything Need to Know

fb lite

Facebook Lite is an updated version of the social media platform. The regular Facebook app for Android and iOS has been pared down to its bare essentials, so to speak. If you’re looking for an alternative to Facebook’s full-size app, this app is a good one.

Even so, Facebook knows a lot about you, and the social network’s mobile app is one of the ways it gets your information. Is Facebook Lite a better alternative?

Whether or not Facebook Lite is a good replacement for the normal Facebook app will be explained in this post.

What Is The Facebook Lite?

For users with slow mobile connections or low-end smartphones, Facebook introduced Facebook Lite in 2015.


While it’s universal software, the developers have in mind poor nations where data access is scarce. Additionally, the Facebook Lite app saves space on your phone and works even on 2G networks.

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The Advantages of a Lightweight Facebook

  1. The biggest difference between Facebook Lite and Facebook is that it is smaller. In comparison to Facebook, Lite’s download size is less than 10MB. It just occupies 2.19MB of space on my iPhone. In comparison, the 167MB of space used by a standard Facebook post. Obviously, this is a big change.
  2. As an additional feature, Facebook Lite does not preload photographs as Facebook does. A little longer loading time while browsing via your Newsfeed, but a less amount of data utilized. Also, videos won’t automatically play as they do on the main app; instead, they will only do so when you’re connected to Wi-Fi on Facebook Lite.
  3. In order to conserve even more data, go to your Facebook Lite settings, then scroll down to the “Media and Contacts” section. Facebook Lite users may choose the quality of the photos they see here. It is possible to save data by using low-resolution images. If you’re looking for the best way to conserve data on your phone, Facebook Lite is your best option.

The Graphical Representation of a User’s Actions

Facebook Lite isn’t simply a repackaged mobile page; it’s a whole new app with a fresh look and interface. The new design isn’t necessarily bad; it’s just different. It’s still possible to swipe between the many sections you’re used to on the home screen: News Feed; Friend Requests; Messages; Videos; Notifications and Options.


Facebook Lite’s Newsfeed is shown on the left, while the main Facebook app’s Newsfeed is shown on the right:

Facebook Lite’s menu and search bar stay at the top of the screen, but the conventional Facebook app puts the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Facebook Lite, which is designed for smartphones with low-resolution displays, has smaller text and buttons. Like the original Facebook app, it has white cards on a gray backdrop.

A tiny, low-resolution profile picture is shown in the notification window below to indicate if someone has liked or commented on anything. Compared to the original Facebook app, the font size is significantly reduced.

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Privacy and Security

You want to be sure that Facebook isn’t simply giving your personal information out to anybody. After you’ve checked your privacy settings on Facebook, it’s a good idea to examine what permissions the mobile app has on your device, as well.


You may even use Tor to access Facebook anonymously.

It is not uncommon for some users to see the Facebook app’s permissions as intrusive. Below, you’ll find a complete list.

Facebook Lite’s list is almost as extensive as the original:

What’s the big deal? Regular Facebook has access to your biometric hardware, audio settings, Google Play billing services, and Bluetooth pairing. So, nothing major has occurred.

Facebook Lite’s permissions are likely to be just as intrusive as those of regular Facebook. Using your preferred Android browser to view Facebook’s mobile site is your best option for avoiding permissions.


Once upon a time, Facebook Lite had its own built-in messaging system. As with the main Facebook app, you now need to download and utilize a separate messaging app. Facebook Lite users are urged to utilize Messenger Lite on Android and iOS instead of the normal Messenger.


When it comes to Messenger Lite, how does it stack up against the original? Take a look at it yourself. On the left, you’ll see Messenger Lite, and on the right, you’ll see Messenger.

The Lite version of Facebook Messenger appears remarkably identical to the full version. Lite may be the chat program you’ve been seeking if you don’t like Messenger.

Even the Lite edition supports Facebook’s stickers, which is great news if you’re a fan. Keep in mind, though, that you will not have access to the normal Messenger’s GIF, emoji, and text style libraries. But it’s not the greatest.

How Do I Get Facebook Lite on My Phone?

As of right now, Facebook Lite is accessible in North America, as well as in sections of Asia, South America, Africa, and the European Union. A notification will appear if you don’t live in one of the countries supported by the Play Store or App Store: “This app is unsupported on all of your devices.”

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What’s the Difference Between Facebook and Facebook Lite?

It’s possible that Facebook Lite will be more enticing to certain people than Facebook itself. It’s especially important if you have an older phone or are trying to preserve data when you may


The usual Facebook app, on the other hand, is likely to be more useful if you don’t have an older phone and don’t care about saving data. Because of the additional rights required to utilize it, there is just one drawback.