Keith Habersberger’s Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

keith habersberger net worth

Keith Habersberger’s Biographical Information:

Habersberger, Keith was born on the 18th of June 1987, thus he is now 33 years old. A native of Carthage, Tennessee, Keith Douglas Habersberger goes by the full name of Keith Douglas Habersberger. He eventually ended up settling in the state of Illinois. His father is Donald and his mother is Patricia Habersberger. He is the eldest of three brothers and the youngest of three siblings.


When it comes to his educational history, Keith Habersberger is a graduate of Illinois State University. A bachelor’s degree in theater and acting is what he obtained.

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  1. Currently, Keith is a video producer and has worked on projects with Buzzfeed Motion Pictures as a partner on the development team. He started working with Buzzfeed Motion Pictures as a video intern in January 2014. As a result, he has established himself as one of the most renowned BFMP hosts.


  1. From covering Hollywood red carpets to analyzing current trends and allowing his and other celebrities’ Twitter followers decide his judgments, Keith has developed viral, personality-driven satirical material. He is a member of The Try Guys as well.
  2. Mission Improvable was his previous job before joining BuzzFeed. There is no improv comedy group in the United States that is more regularly booked than them. He travelled with them while simultaneously running Chicago Improv Productions, a firm that organizes national improv competitions and festivals.
  3. His most recent reality show appearance was on Bring the Funny, which airs on the American network TLC. As a part of the comedic trio “Lewberger,” he performed on this program. Fried chicken is their favorite food of his. Over the years, Keith has also produced a large number of food-related materials. It’s no surprise that his most popular episodes are Eat the Menu, Chicken Watch, Gourmet Garbage, and the Try Guys series Without a Recipe.
  4. On November 30, 2019, Keith Habersberger revealed that he will release his own spicy sauce, Keith’s Chicken Sauce. It was a big hit with consumers, selling out in only two days. Keith uses the username @keithhabs to post on Twitter and Instagram.
  5. As a comedian and a former video producer for BuzzFeed in Los Angeles, Keith also has a diverse skill set. Besides that, he’s a freelance producer and editor. BuzzFeed’s The Try Guys included Keith as a member. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles in 2013 with his improv comedy company Octavarius, Keith had previously performed a lot of stand-up comedy in Chicago. Eugene Lee Yang has also appeared in a BuzzFeed video that he made.
  6. With Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Ned Fulmer, Keith became a member of Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys in 2014. The group’s first video was titled “Guys Try Ladies’ Underwear for the First Time.” While making the video was uncommon for them, they were pleased with the response it garnered. Consequently, they felt obligated to produce more of this stuff.
  7. The Try Guys Wear Corsets For 72 Hours, The Try Guys 4-Year Anniversary Challenge, and The Try Guys Get Kidnapped were all made by Keith Habersberger and his colleagues. Since then, they’ve been putting out new material and drawing interest from across the world.
  8. A YouTube Red original series titled “Squad Wars” debuted in 2017 on the service. “2nd Try LLC,” a production firm founded by the four ex-Buzzfeed employees, was launched in the spring of 2013. He and his co-workers at the new organization offer viewers a slew of brand-new digital programming, feature films, and live tour performances.
  9. Keith Habersberger has a YouTube account as well. Content on his channel is distinct from that on The Try Guys. One Take Musicals in the Bathroom and Bailing on a Party are two of his videos. The name “Lewberger” appears in a number of other films on this channel. He has more than 144k subscribers on his own channel, despite the fact that it is seldom updated.

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Who is Keith Habersberger now seeing?

According to our information, Keith Habersberger is a single man.

keith habersberger net worth

On June 18, 1987, The Comedian was born in Carthage, Tennessee. As a comedian and video producer for BuzzFeed in Los Angeles, he also undertakes freelancing work. BuzzFeed’s The Try Guys have a member of the team.

What’s going on in your Relationship

Keith Habersberger is single as of 2022. It’s Keith’s 34th birthday. CelebsCouples claims that Keith Habersberger has had at least one past relationship. He has never been in a relationship before.


In 23 days, Keith Habersberger will reach the age of 35. FamousDetails has compiled a list of the top ten facts about Keith Habersberger.

Concerning the girlfriend of Keith Habersberger

As of right now, Keith Habersberger has no romantic interest.

Our users verify all of the dating histories on our site. Our dating numbers and profiles are based on publicly accessible data and resources.

Income, Earnings, and Net Worth (2022):

Keith Habersberger‘s income and earnings are sourced by the groups he works for. He is involved in many organizations including Buzzfeed, The Try Guys, and other comedian groups. As of 2022, His net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million USD.

Awards and Honors:

Ned Fulmer and his colleagues departed BuzzFeed in 2018 to form their own production firm. As of 2014, the Try Guys web series has been seen and subscribed to by thousands of people. In May of this year, they started their YouTube channel, Try Guys. Their YouTube channel has been the primary source of income for them.

Over 7.2 million people have subscribed to the Try Guys YouTube channel, which has had over 1.28 billion views. On YouTube, the four musicians have gained a lot of traction. This is their YouTube channel’s current total number of videos (192).

The Try Guys YouTube channel has brought in $5.9 million in income for Ned Fulmer and his pals. It took them just a few months to get thousands of subscribers to their YouTube channel. Having billions of views on YouTube allowed them to become a billionaire since money from the site is based on views.

In addition to their YouTube earnings, Try Guys have received various prestigious honors, like the Streamy Awards, Webby Awards, the 11th Shorty Awards, and so on. Try Guys has also been nominated for Show of the Year many times.