The Story Of The Girl In The Basement: What Happened To The Girl In The Basement? Everything You Need To Know About Elisabeth Fritzl

the story of girl in the basement

As far back as 2008, the authorities in Austria were alerted to the fact that a father was abusing his daughter for years on end. She’d been raped by her father, the 24-year-old reported. Furthermore, he held her in their basement as a prisoner.

Elisabeth Fritzl was the daughter of Rosemarie Fritzl and Josef Fritzl.

Who Is Elisabeth Fritzl Or Girl In The Basement?

Rosemarie and Josef Fritzl had their first child, Elisabeth, in 1966. There are a total of three brothers and three sisters in her family. Elisabeth was allegedly mistreated and raped repeatedly since she was 11 years old, according to the claims. As soon as she finished high school, Elisabeth began training to work as a waitress.


After a while, she and a buddy fled their house in Vienna in 1983. A few days later, she was recovered by authorities and returned to her parents, who reunited with their daughter. A few years later, she went back to school and took a waitressing course to get a job in a neighboring city.

Discover Elisabeth Fritzl, the Girl Who was Locked Up In the Basement!

The Story Of The Girl In The Basement

Her father was taken into jail by the police right away. Elisabeth, on the other hand, became an overnight phenomenon because of this occurrence. In the end, she was referred to as “the girl who lived in the basement.” Fritzl was born in 1966, and she has six brothers and sisters, according to an inquiry. Detailed information about her childhood and how she ended up in a cellar is provided in this section.

A Story to Awaken Your Senses

Elisabeth was just like any other kid, yet she was subjected to a lifetime of abuse starting at the age of 11. Her father’s involvement in her rapes is completely out of the question.


However, as the little girl grew older, she came to realize her father’s true goals and wished to leave this life behind. But she waited for the ideal moment to show up. Adding insult to injury, her mother also failed to intervene.

Twenty-four Years in the Basement: Elizabeth’s Story

For the following 24 years, Elizabeth must have lived in torment, as the most dreadful days of her life seemed to never end. Despite the intense heat, she was compelled to grab rats with her bare hands. According to her account, her father used an iron chain to restrain her so tightly that she could scarcely move. To secure her waist, he wrapped the chain around her After a few months, the chain had become a hindrance to sexual activity and needed to be removed.


  • Her father sexually abused her and raped her numerous times a day for many years until she escaped in April 2008, when she was only 16 years old. During those 24 years of imprisonment, Josef raped Elizabeth almost 3000 times, which resulted in seven children. There’s nothing more heinous than seeing your own children grow up in the shadow of their mother’s violence and cruelty. Three of the children were in the basement with her, while the others arrived at the Fritzl house as planned.
  • By dictating letters to Elisabeth stating that she was dining and unable to care for the children, Fritzl was also able to prepare for the future. In order to give his wife Rosemarie some peace of mind that their daughter was safe and sound, her father would write to her and mail her these letters. That at least the three youngsters outdoors are better off than those in the basement comforted Elisabeth, who was inconsolable and felt utterly hopeless.
  • When she was younger, her father beat her and had her play out scenes from violent pornographic movies. As a result of her father’s crimes, Elizabeth was left with both bodily and psychic trauma.
  • Also revealed in her testimony was the 1996 death of a child in her arms, and Josef’s admission that he incinerated the infant’s remains. Josef Fritzl also sought to defend himself during the court trial, claiming that Elizabeth’s conduct was worrisome and that he held her hostage to keep her safe from the outside world.

How Did Elizabeth Get out of her Dark, alone Basement Existence?

Kerstin, Elisabeth’s 19-year-old daughter, is in critical condition and must be sent to the hospital immediately. That cruel Joseph took her to the hospital in the back of his automobile. Kerstin’s physicians grew suspicious of her behavior after seeing her condition and called the authorities. To help save the mother’s life, there was a constant call for her to come out and speak with them on the radio and on the television. Josef’s talents were dwindling as he grew older, and he found it more difficult to care for both of his families.


Now he was formulating a strategy for putting an end to all of this without raising any suspicions. His claims were finally believed by the medical and police teams after 24 years, so he recounted them for the first time. Elisabeth was taken away from her father in a different room while she was hospitalized, where she was bullied into filing a child abuse lawsuit. After that Elisabeth told police officials that she will reveal everything about what his father did only at a cast that she would never see her father again.

What Movie Based on the Same Story Is This?

Elisabeth’s true-crime story inspired the film “Girl in the Basement,” which received acclaim from reviewers and audiences alike. Sara, the film’s protagonist, is an 18-year-old high school senior who is itching to get out of her parents’ home. As a result, her father kidnaps her and confines her to the basement, where he abuses her for many years.