Rishi Sunak Net Worth: Everything Need to Know His Career, Lifestyle, Relationship and Much More!

rishi sunak net worth

Rishi Sunak’s Net Worth

According to The Sun, Rishi Sunak has a net worth of £200 million as of 2022.


Sunak’s basic income as an MP is £79,468 (without his Chancellor’s salary of £71,090).

As a result, according to The Sun, the Chancellor is worth more than 10 times their salary combined.

According to the magazine, he is known to possess at least four houses, including his primary property, a five-bedroom mansion in Kensington valued at over £7 million.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Sunak was born on May 12, 1980, in Southampton, to an Indian father, Yashvir, a doctor, and a British mother, Usha, a pharmacist who ran a local drugstore. Usha was born in Tanganyika, but his father, Yashvir, was born and raised in Kenya’s Colony and Protectorate (which later became part of Tanzania). His ancestors and their descendants immigrated to the United Kingdom from East Africa in the 1960s.


Sunak spent his summer holidays as a youngster working as a server at a Southampton curry restaurant. He studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Lincoln College, Oxford, and obtained a first. During his time at the university, he worked as an intern at Conservative Campaign Headquarters. While studying as a Fulbright scholar, he got an MBA from Stanford University in 2006.

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A Business Career


Sunak worked for Goldman Sachs as an analyst from 2001 through 2004. He subsequently moved to work at The Children’s Investment Fund Management, where he progressed through the ranks to become a partner in 2006 before departing in 2009 to take care of former colleagues at Theleme Partners, a new hedge fund with $700 million under management that was launched in 2016. He was also a director of Catamaran Ventures, his father-in-investing law’s business.


He joined the Conservative Party in 2014 and won the Richmond (Yorks) seat from former Tory leader Lord William Hague in 2015. Mr. Sunak was also re-elected in 2017. He was quite popular in his electorate at the time, winning over 27,000 votes.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Sunak, supports Theresa May’s Brexit separation deal and Boris Johnson’s bid for the Conservative leadership.

He took over as Chancellor when Sajid Javid resigned in 2020 and has retained the role since then. The announcement of the furlough programme, Job Retention Scheme, and Eat Out To Help Out schemes, which have all played a crucial part in the government’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic effect in the UK, are among his most important initiatives since becoming Chancellor in 2020.

In 2017, during the G7 summit in London, hosted by Sunak, a tax reform pact was reached with the purpose of creating a global minimum tax on multinationals and internet technology businesses. The OECD has agreed to join the proposed tax change in 2021.

In 2021, Sunak proposed his third budget. It featured substantial financial promises, most of which were devoted to research and education. He halved small-business national insurance payments and decreased fuel taxes. He also abolished VAT on energy-saving gadgets. The tax burden would be at an all-time high, dating back to the 1940s. Sunak also provided some support to help low-income people deal with rising living expenses, which most prominent figures thought was inadequate.

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Rishi Sunak’s Salary and Net Worth

Personal Experiences


While in Stanford, Sunak met Akshata Murthy, his future wife, who is the daughter of N. R. Narayana Murthy, the Indian millionaire entrepreneur who founded Infosys. Krishna and Anoushka are the couple’s two daughters. Sunak’s wife, Akshata, works as a director at Catamaran Ventures, her father’s investment business, and also manages her own fashion label. She is one of Britain’s wealthiest women, with Catamaran shareholdings totaling £430 million.

Sunak is a teetotaler who, as part of his yearly parliamentary oath, has embraced the Bhagavad Gita since 2017. Sunak’s brother Sanjay is a psychologist, and his sister Raakhi is the Head of Humanitarian, Peacebuilding, and UN Funds & Programmes at the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.

He and his wife reside in North Yorkshire, where he used to be a governor at East London Science School. They also have properties in Kensington, London, and Old Brompton Road, London, as well as in Santa Monica, California.

Sunak has been criticised for his wife’s financial links to Infosys, a Russian-owned IT corporation that has maintained a presence in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. Akshata Murthy, his wife, has non-domiciled status, which means she is immune from paying taxes on income earned outside of India. The company has links to Russia and Vladimir Putin, the country’s president, who is close to the Kremlin.