Charlotte Season 2 Expected Release Date: Everything Need to Know Casting, Plot and Trailer and Latest Updates!

Charlotte Season 2 Expected Release Date:

Charlotte is a 2015 Japanese anime television series directed by Yoshiyuki Asai and produced by P.A.Works and Aniplex. Between July 5 and September 27, 2015, 13 episodes of the anime were shown in Japan.

In March 2016, an original video animation episode was published. Dengeki G’s Comic, published by ASCII Media Works, serialized two manga series. The novel is set in an alternate universe in which a small fraction of youngsters have superhuman skills when they reach adolescence. Yuu Otosaka, a high school student who awakens the capacity to possess people for a brief period of time, attracts the attention of Nao Tomori, the student council president of a school established as a sanctuary for children with such skills.


The story was created by Jun Maeda, who also authored the script and composed some of the music, while Na-Ga designed the original characters. Maeda and Na-Ga are both from the visual novel company Key, and Charlotte is the company’s second original anime series after Angel Beats! in 2010.

Charlotte was conceived long before Maeda was asked in early 2012 to embark on another anime series following Angel Beats! In comparison to Angel Beats!, Maeda reduced the number of key characters and aimed to focus more on their behavior. Rather of rehiring the same team that worked on Angel Beats!, Charlotte’s goal was to assemble a team that would add fresh diversity to the creative process and avoids being affected by Angel Beats’ work.

What Is The Show’s Main Plot?

Anime Charlotte is a Japanese anime series. It didn’t have an extensive backstory. The narrative of the novel takes place in a planet where comets only come around once every 75 years. Mari, the anime’s main heroine, is a 17-year-old girl who leads a typical life.


‘Charlotte’ has a different tale every season. Yuu will only utilise his abilities in the second season if he is endangering the lives of people close to him. He no longer uses his gift to cure others, preferring to utilise it only in an emergency.

He expects to go through high school without incident, but his plans are dashed when Nao Tomori threatens him and compels him to join the student council. Nao Tomori is also the student council’s president. Jhee-jir Takaj is a member of the student council. He has the ability to move at superhuman speeds.

The purpose of the student council is to ensure that those with special talents are safe, as they may inform others about the hazards of using their skills in public settings. They’re trying to keep their identities hidden from the public eye. Season 2 of Charlotte is all about her. It is commanded by Yusa Nishimori, a young woman with the ability to channel the souls of the dead. This is something she can accomplish with the help of a medium.

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What Are Some of the Show’s Main Characters?

Charlotte Season 2 Expected Release Date:

Yusa Kurobane– Yusa is a pop icon and one of the student council’s main members. She has the ability to communicate with the dead, but it comes with a price. Her deceased sister frequently inhabits her, altering her appearance.

Ayumi Otosaka– Described as a bright and fun-loving individual, Ayumi is a very compassionate individual who takes care of her younger brother Yuu. She is also a huge lover of Yusa Nishimori, but whenever she stares at him, her nose starts spewing blood.

Yuu Otosaka- Described as an attractive high school student who can cheat on examinations using his supernatural skills, Yuu is considered the show’s major protagonist. He is portrayed to be a narcissist who only cares about himself at the start of the series.


Release Date:

The release date has been set for September 2022. However, it has not been formally verified; when it is, we will inform you.