High-Rise Invasion Anime Season 2 Release Date Is Confirmed: Is It True? Check Here’s Its Trailer, Story, Casting And Many More!


On October 26, 2020, during the Netflix Anime Festival, an original net animation (ONA) anime series adaption was revealed, with a February 2021 premiere date. Netflix announced in mid-January 2021 that the series will premiere on the streaming site on February 25, 2021. Zero-G animated the series, which was directed by Masahiro Takata. Touko Machida was in charge of the series’ writing, Yichi Ueda designed the characters, and Tatsuo and Youichi Sakai composed the soundtrack. Have a Nice Day! performed the opening theme “HON-NO,” while EMPiRE sang the closing theme “HON-NO.” “My Name Is Blue” was performed as the closing theme.

Season 2 of High Rise Invasion follows the story of the first season.

Mamoru Aikawa and his companions triumph outside of Yuri and the others’ protective bubble in the last episode of the first season of ‘High-Rise Invasion.’ Yuri smashes Swimmer Mask and imprisons Great Angel’s talents before establishing her newfound authority as a Closer to God.

high-rise invasion anime season 2 release date

As a result, Mamoru discovers that Rika and Yuri are siblings, and they react to Mamoru’s approach. At the end of the episode, she pledges to find her brother and demolish this dismal location.

The hunt for Rika might continue in Season 2. Yuri could find new abilities. In the coming season, the recreation specialists and directors may be revealed.

At the close of the first season, the prospect of unresolved narrative strands offered food for a variety of episodes and subplots in the second. If Yuri and her brother Rika decide to join, this might be a subplot for the second season, which fans would like.

After the first season, which covers 149 of the 258 chapters that have been uploaded, there are still over a hundred episodes of the anime left, thus we can certainly expect to see the rest of the manga in the following season.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2: Cast

The list of characters is as follows:

high-rise invasion anime season 2 release date

  • Sniper Mask will be played by Yuichiro Umehara.
  • Haruka Shiraishi is the name given to Yuri Honj’s character.
  • This part is played by Kuon Shinzaki, alias Akira Sekine.
  • Mayuko Nise will be played by Shiki Aoki.
  • Rika Honj’s true name is Junya Enoki.

Season 2 of High-Rise Invasion: Is It Renewed for Season 2?

Unfortunately, no news on whether Season 2 of High Rise Invasion will be renewed. According to the most current update, audiences saw the anime for the first and only time on television in February 2021. In addition, Netflix has made no formal announcement on the comeback.

high-rise invasion anime season 2 release date

If this series gets renewed for a second season (which is quite likely), we may expect to see it in early 2022, around the same time as the first. Animes typically take a year to produce, putting the release date around February 2022. But that hasn’t happened yet, so we’re looking for a 2022 premiere.

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When will the Second Season of High-Rise Invasion be Released?

high-rise invasion anime season 2 release date

Is there a trailer for High-Rise Invasion’s second season? No. Because Netflix has yet to disclose the status of the second season, we are unable to provide a trailer at this time. When one is released, we’ll let you know.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a trailer for the first season:

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