10 Horror Shows You Should Definitely Watch In 2022 on NETFLIX & Amazon Prime in 2022

10 horror shows you should definitely watch in 2022

10 horror TV shows in 2022 on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and More:-

The scariest films Scares have been refined to an art form on television shows. And episodic dread differs from its movie cousin in a number of ways.

It must be frightening enough to make each section interesting while still working as a whole story over the course of a season. Monster of the Week episodes are a lot easier to watch than long scares since they just show one terrifying monster at a time for the heroes to deal with.

A masked guy leaps from the water to attack a woman in a boat who is minding her own thing. It’s a bit more slasher than supernatural.

This list of the top horror TV programs from Netflix, Amazon Prime, NOW, and other services includes a wide range of terrifying experiences.

The best horror TV shows:-

1. The Haunting Of Hill House


2. Hannibal


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3. Stranger Things


4. The X Files



5. Channel Zero


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6. The Exorcist

10 Horror Shows You Should Definitely Watch In 2022

7. The Walking Dead

10 Horror Shows You Should Definitely Watch In 2022

8. The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina


9. Scream


10. Archive 81