Dmitry Mazepin Net Worth: Everyone Want to Know His Career, Relationship, Personal Life & Much More!

Dmitry Mazepin Net Worth


Dmitry Mazepin was born in Minsk on April 18, 1968, and graduated in 1985 from the Suvorov Military Academy. Between 1986 to 1988, he worked as an interpreter for the military in Afghanistan.


He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from MGIMO University in 1992, then worked in the Russian and Belarusian financial sectors, eventually rising to executive positions at TNK and Sibur, two significant Russian private and state-owned firms.

He received his first-tier university degree in Organization Management from the Saint Petersburg Institute for Economics and Management in 2008. need for clarity After submitting a thesis on establishing a rigorous strategy to managing an oil-producing company’s stock market potential, he received his Ph.D. from the same school in 2012.

Dmitry Mazepin is a Russian businessman who has a Net Worth of $1 million.

Dmitry Mazepin is a well-known international businessman who ranks among the world’s wealthiest people. Dmitry Mazepin is a Soviet-born Russian businessman. He is the founder and Chairman of Uralchem, as well as a Russian citizen. He has led the organization to new heights and set several goals. Dmitry Mazepin has a $1.5 billion net worth.

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Career and Awards of Dmitry Mazepin

In the business world, Dmitry Mazepin is well-known. He is widely regarded as one of Russia’s most successful businessmen. Dmitry Mazepin began his business career in 1992, shortly after graduating from university with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He went on to work in finance for a number of companies. Dmitry Mazepin later joined Russian manor companies such as TNK and Sibur in the year 2003.


He held high-ranking positions in both government-run and private-sector organizations. He was extremely successful as a partner in Russia’s largest oil company. Dmitry Mazepin founded his own company, Uralchem, in 2007, with all of his wealth and assets. Uralchem United Chemicals Company was the company’s name at the time.

Later, he bought stakes in several fertiliser companies and merged them with his. Dmitry used this strategy to turn Uralchem into one of the world’s most successful businesses.

For his outstanding achievements, Dmitry Mazepin has received numerous honours and awards. For bravery and battle service, he was awarded a Russian military medal. He is also rumoured to hold high-ranking positions.

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Dmitry Mazepin’s educational background is extensive. At Suvorov Military Academy, he completed his high school studies. He then transferred to MGIMO University to finish his economics degree. Dmitry went on to complete his Majors and Ph.D. at Saint Petersburg Institute.

Personal Relationship:

Dmitry Mazepin’s son, Nikita, is a Formula One driver for Haas. Mazepin is the father of five children with his wife. The Suvorov Military Academy in Minsk awarded him his diploma in 1985. Dimitry served in the military as an interpreter in Afghanistan between 1986 and 1988.

Dmitry graduated from MGIMO University with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1992 and went on to work in the financial sectors of Russia and Belarus. Anastasia Mazepina, the 53-year-old daughter of Dmitry Mazepin, is the majority shareholder and chairwoman of Uralchem Integrated Chemicals Company.

The family owns a $70 million Gulfstream G650 private jet with the registration M-INSK and a large apartment in Moscow’s central business district. In addition, he owns the $250 million Anna yacht, which was designed by Michael Leach and built by Feadship in 2018.

Dmitry Mazepin’s Company:

Infistrakh, a Russian insurance company, was led by Dmitry Mazepin. After two years at Belarusbank, Dmitry was promoted to deputy branch manager. He worked for the Falkon Bank in various management positions beginning in 1995. Nikita is the name of Dmitry’s daughter. One of his first big business assignments came in 1997. He was named Vice-President of the Tymen Oil Company, or TNK for short.

Dmitry Mazepin Net Worth

Mazepin was appointed Executive Director in charge of reviving the company’s profitability after the corporation had just acquired Nizhnevartovskneftegaz as a subsidiary at the time. According to a 2009 interview, Mazepin was eventually successful in turning Nizhnevartovskneftegaz into a loss-free company.

Dmitry Mazepin was awarded an Honorary Certificate by the Russian government. He received the “For Courage” and “For Service in Battle” medals from the military. His company, Uralchem, manufactures mineral fertilisers.

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