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calum hood net worth

The Teenage Years

Calum Thomas Hood was born on January 25, 1996, in Mount Druitt, New South Wales. Neither David Hood, a former Coca-Cola employee, nor Joy Hood, David’s mother, worked in the superannuation industry. He is the oldest in a family of three kids.


As a result of this, he claims both Scottish and Cook Island Mori heritage. In addition to being Mali-younger Koa’s sibling, he’s also an accomplished singer-songwriter. According to Hood, Hood’s childhood was “middle-class” and “not the most thrilling.” Hood met Michael Clifford in Norwest Primary School when he was introduced to his future bandmate. Hood attended Norwest Christian College after high school, where he met future bandmate Luke Hemmings while performing “Secondhand Serenade” at a talent event.

Calum Hood is a Skilled Professional.

Calum Hood is an Australian singer-songwriter. Calum has been fascinated with music since he was a child. Since he was a child, his life has been shaped by his love of music. One person may be all of these things at the same time. He is well-known for his work with the band “5 Seconds of Summer.”


He first met Michael Clifford, a former Calum bandmate, in Norwest Primary School in the third grade. It was during his time at Norwest Christian College that he first met Luke Hemmings, who would later join him in the band.

He’s dreamed of becoming a professional football player for a long time. After a training camp in Brazil, he has just returned. On Hemmings’ Youtube channel, Hood, Clifford, and Hemmings began posting their cover versions of songs in 2011.

“5 Seconds of Summer,” “Sounds Good Feeling,” “Youngblood,” and “Calm” are the four studio albums Hood has released as a member of the band (2020). A worldwide sensation, each of these albums.

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His Family Relationship

Calum Hood was born to middle-class Australian parents. Calum Hood’s parents are thought to be David and Joy Hood. He has Maori ancestry from New Zealand via his mother and Scottish ancestry through his father. They are the children of two ex-employees of Coca-Cola and a pension sector employee.


Calum’s father, who is originally from Edinburgh but now lives in Sydney with Calum’s mother, has a significant Scottish influence. Mali-Koa Hood, Calum Hood’s older sister, is also his aunt. Mali publishes vlogs and singing videos on her YouTube channel as a fashionista and vlogger.

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Calum Hood has a YouTube channel that you may check out.

Calum Hood Net Worth:

Calum is well-known for both his words and his music. As of May 27, 2013, he has made his YouTube debut with the song “All about you cover” after initially posting a video to YouTube on July 12, 2012. This video features some of Calum’s guitar work. In all, more than a million people have seen the cover video for the song. Before this, he’d just posted a video of him playing solo guitar on YouTube.

Height and Age

Currently, Calum Hood is 24 years of age. His weight and height are 4’9″ and 103 pounds, respectively, according to Calum Hood (46.7 kg). Soon, we’ll have all of your body measurements, plus your shoe and apparel sizes.

Rumors and Controversy surrounding Calum Hood

While on tour, rumors spread about him having sex with fans, but there was no proof to back them up. According to rumors, he formerly dated Samantha Alaimo. According to the commonly held belief, he left the band to be with his reported girlfriend.

Calum Hood’s Social Media Profile

Hood’s fans may stay up to date with his latest projects and photographs on a number of social media channels. About 6.2 million people are following him on Instagram.

maxresdefault-6425210Hood’s Twitter account has 7.1 million followers, and he often tweets there. His YouTube channel has 41.2k subscribers and more than 622K Facebook fans, making him a social media powerhouse.

Drummer and guitarist Ashton Irwin is also a good friend and fellow musician of Hoods.

His Total Assets:

It is believed that Calum Hood has a net worth of $20 million. Calum Hood’s birthday is the 1st of January every year, which makes him 21 years old today. For his work with 5 Seconds of Summer, he is well known. When One Direction requested 5 Seconds of Summer to join their Take Me Home Tour as the band’s cover band, it was the beginning of their success.

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