Fast RC Cars You Can Buy

Fast RC Cars You Can Buy

Is your kid watching tv and playing video games all the time? Are you bored with your daily schedule? Whatever the case is, you can consider trying out RC cars, trucks, or airplanes. When your RC car hits 70 or 100 miles per hour, the rush you get is unmatchable. Who says it’s a kid’s game? Adults also love these cars.

Since there are numerous fast RC cars available in the market nowadays, it can be challenging to pick one. So, consider different things, like your budget, and compare the models you like before buying.

Some people prefer design over speed, and some prefer vice versa. However, one can guarantee excitement and fun while racing, no matter what you choose.

This article will give you an overview of some fast RC cars available on the market, followed by a guide to help you buy them.

Top 5 fast RC car brands

Here is a comprehensive list of some RC cars that can satisfy your need for speed and off-road adventures.


Losi makes fast RC cars, full stop. LOSI makes drag cars and street cars with high top speeds of over 50 mph.  You can find LOSI desert buggies equipped with Spektrum Smart 130A Brushless ESC and Spektrum Firma® 4-Pole 3150. The aluminum and waterproof chassis are perfect when you cross muddy water. The Spektrum Firma® 4-Pole 3150KV 550 Motor allows you to hit 50+ mph with a 3 cell LiPo battery.


The top model of this fast RC vehicle company is enormous, powerful, rugged, and fast. ARRMA has three models that can reach speeds over 80  mph: the INFRACTION, LIMITLESS, and FELONY.  The ARRA INFRACTION includes a handbrake and Spektrum® Smart electronics and can drive on multiple surfaces at high speeds.

Redcat Racing

The Tornado model comes with a 2.4 GHz radio system. It has a 3500mah 15c LiPo battery and a 3300KV brushless 540 motor. Its maximum speed is up to 50 mph. An adjustable superior precision dual-stage rear wing gives stability and smooth performance.

HPI Racing

The look is similar to the GT40 racer of 1966. This RC car was designed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company in 2003. The company’s best car has a powerful 4000kv brushless motor that helps it hit 60mph.


Kyosho makes fast RC buggies. The Kyosho Inferno can reach 50 mph in 3.5 seconds and is reported to break speeds over 100 mph with the right modifications.  The powerful Kyosho brushless motor and ESC combines with big bore oil shocks and KC Cross tires to deliver superior performance on any surface.

Things To Consider Before You buy

You must check for the RTR(ready-to-race) status before buying. This will help ensure you don’t need any assembling or extra parts to run it. But here, you should note that although cars are sold with RTR labeling, you may need to buy batteries separately.

Depending on your needs, you can choose rock crawlers, off-road 4x4s and buggies, and the typical racing drift car. Rock crawlers may not have the speed but they are still excellent as they can reach up to 35 miles/hour.

Cheaper RC cars have a two-button remote control. However, expensive RC cars have a 2.4 GHz pistol-grip style remote with throttle and steering. If you go for a costly model, make sure the parts are readily available.


Mankind’s need for speed doesn’t limit them in real cars. Now they can transcend motorsport cars and RC cars. RC cars offer a fun activity for both children and adults alike. So budget and compare the RC cars before making your purchase.