8 Best Mobile Games You Can Get on Android in 2022 + Bonuses


As days, years and months go by, more and more games get added to the Google Play Store for Android devices.

In this sea of options, you could be spoilt for choice and overwhelmed by the variety presented to you.

So we’re here to help you sort it out by showcasing the best games available on your device. In order to get some of these, you would need to have some funds. So get yourself some Google Play Gift Cards here. Plus, if you use OffGamers code NEWVISA as a Visa card holder, you can get 5% off for a limited time!

In this list, we’ve sprinkled in some old and new games from a wide range of genres for you to experience as well. Let’s get into it!

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is one of the more recently released games on mobile platforms that have garnered huge mixed opinions from across the board. Nonetheless, it is a free game that brings the Diablo experience to mobile. Diablo Immortal is a hack and slash action RPG with cross-play involved.

If you’re looking for some dungeon action that plays like your usual Diablo game, this is the game for you. For many, the pay-to-win mechanic is what deters them from trying out the game as players can purchase boost items rather than grind normally.

Either way, Diablo Immortal plays well and its graphics fare well too.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

With a title like that, won’t you be at least a little bit curious about what the game is about? Well, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is an action-adventure game where you do all you can to avoid paying taxes. This includes venturing into dungeons and running around across the map fighting animals.

This is a fun title to play, with its adorable graphics yet dark humour. Truly, from its graphics, you won’t really know what to expect, but Turnip Boy is one of those games that will surprise you with its lore, violence and darkness.

Its gameplay is Zelda-like, and you don’t get much of those on Android or mobile devices.

Genshin Impact

It goes without saying that Genshin Impact has been one of the biggest mobile games of all time to be released. With its never-ending updates and content, we’re often rewarded with new things to do and events to complete. The character roster is ever-growing and the areas are continuously expanding as well.

For those of you who are new, Genshin Impact is a Zelda-like adventure RPG game with gacha mechanics. There are all sorts of characters for you to obtain with their own unique elemental abilities. You go around the map completing quests, defeating bosses, raiding domains and more.

The possibilities are endless in Genshin, and it is still a long way from completion.

Apex Legends Mobile

Another game that was adapted into a mobile version, Apex Legends! This is a mobile battle royale condensed into a smaller version to run on your mobile devices. All the mechanics and details you enjoy from the original Apex Legends on PC and consoles are reworked into this game right here.

It is free to play with some in-app purchases, which is the standard mechanic for mobile battle royales. This mobile version is equipped with controller support, so if you don’t want to get your screen dirty, you can play with a controller attached as well.

Anyway, hop into a quick game with your friends and become a legend!


A unique game concept that combines the tile shuffling gameplay of Sokoban with molecular structures. Sokobond is a puzzler with over 100 levels to explore and beat. And no, you don’t need any knowledge of chemistry or Sokoban to play this. The tutorial is comprehensive and you’ll get it in no time.

The design is minimal and the soundtrack is peacefully captivating as well. Those who are fans of puzzlers and Sokoban games would have a fun time playing this one on their mobile devices. You can pass the time while flexing the muscles of your brain.


This is one of those rather old but really good turn-based card games that will get you hooked if you’re into card games and magic. If you’ve ever heard of Warcraft, then Hearthstone could be a good pick for you as it builds upon the Warcraft lore.

You get to collect cards, expand some lore, and play through various modes based on your preferences. There are microtransactions involved, similar to gacha if you would like to obtain certain rare cards. But, you could always play it without succumbing to the pressure.

Each player’s turn has a timer for how long they can decide, which adds to the stress and real-time play feel. Overall, Hearthstone is a great game for those who enjoy strategizing and deck building as well.

Voodoo Detective

A point-and-click adventure game works the best on mobile phones as everything is much more intuitive and you can simply tap away at your screen. Voodoo Detective is one of the most recent examples of that, and one of many that you can try out on your Android device.

Voodoo Detective is said to be inspired by Monkey Island which was created by LucasArts, so if you’re a fan of that game, this is a great one to pick up. The game provides an interesting storyline, engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics set to keep you occupied for a good amount of time.

Do check it out if you’re interested in point-and-click mysteries!


One of the latest RPGs to hit the stores and mobile devices, Dislyte is a combination of team-based fights, music and mythology set in a futuristic cyberpunkish world. It’s an interesting game because there’s so much to do – there’s a storyline to follow, a rhythm game to try out and tons of monsters to defeat along the way.

The characters are well-designed, with abilities that are inspired by characters of various mythologies throughout the world. Dislyte is relatively new, so it is a great game to try out right now while you’re ahead of everyone else!

If you’re looking for a game to spend time on, Dislyte is a great option with its addictive beats.

There you go! These are some of the best Android games you can get on your device today!