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Life at the Beginning

His full name is Philip David Charles Collins and he was born on the 30th of January 1951 in Chiswick, England (what is now part of the London Borough of Hounslow). In addition to his two brothers, Greville Philip Austin Collins and Winifred June Collins (née Strange) reared their children.

Phil Collins's Net Worth

A toy drum set was presented to Collins at age five. As he matured and trained and became better, his parents replaced it with more complete sets. He liked it. He attributes a lot of his creativity to the Beatles, particularly Ringo Starr.

A Music Career

As a drummer for the band Genesis, Collins began his professional music career in 1970. At the time, Genesis had already published two albums. Besides being a member of Genesis, he also sang as Peter Gabriel’s sideman. In 1971’s “Nursery Cryme” album, he sang lead on the song “For Absent Friends.” In 1973’s “Selling England by the Pound,” he sang lead on the song “More Fool Me.

Phil Collins's Net Worth

Collins took over as lead singer after Peter Gabriel’s departure from the band. He had multiple albums released as Genesis’ vocalist, including “A Trick of the Tail” (1976), “…And Then There Were Three…” (1978), “Duke” (1980), “Abacab” (1981), “Genesis” (1983), “Invisible Touch” (1986) and “We Can’t Dance” (1986). (1991).

Career in Solo Music

When Collins stepped down from Genesis in March 1996, he decided to concentrate on his solo career. While he was still a member of Genesis, he was also publishing his own solo work. “Face Value” (1981), “Hello, I Gotta Be Going!” (1982), “No Jacket Required” (1985), “…But Seriously” (1989), and “Both Sides” (1990) are some of these solo albums (1993). His ensemble, Phil Collins Big Band, was established after his departure from the band. While on the road, they performed jazzy melodies and original compositions by Genesis and Collin’s own works.

Phil Collins's Net Worth

The album “Dance into the Light” was published in October 1996 and was his sixth solo studio album. No. 4 in the UK and No. 23 in the US, despite a bad critical reaction and lower financial success than any of his other solo albums, it was still a commercial success.

For Disney’s forthcoming animated picture “Tarzan,” Collins was hired to compose and sing the songs (1999). In the end, the dubbed versions of the film and album, which featured Collins performing his songs in many languages, were greatly praised. There were 19 weeks in a row when “You’ll Be in My Heart” was Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart-topper, which had never before been broken. In 2000, Collins won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for “You’ll Be in My Heart.”

A year later, in 2002, Collins released “Testify,” which at the time had the lowest reviews of any album Collins had ever released (it has since been surpassed). Brother Bear” was released in 2003, and he returned to Disney to record the music (2003).

Collins not only sang on the soundtrack, but he also wrote and composed some of the songs, including the tune “Look Through My Eyes”. Going Back” was his eighth solo album, released in 2010.

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As well as other Accolades

Toward the end of 2015, Collins secured an agreement with Warner Music Group to remaster all of his solo records. His autobiography, “Not Dead Yet,” was released in 2016. As a solo artist and as a member of Genesis, he has continued to travel extensively (the band have reunited a few times, such as in 2006 for their “Turn It On Again: The Tour” reunion tour).

Phil Collins's Net WorthHe won seven Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, three American Music Awards, an Academy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Disney Legend Award for his work as a solo artist.

My Own Story

Collins has had three marriages and three divorces. During his first marriage, he had a daughter with Andrea Bertorelli. When they were only 11 years old, they first met in a London theatre class. A Genesis concert in Vancouver brought them back together and they started a romance. Simon Collins, the ex-vocalist and drummer of the rock band Sound of Contact, is the couple’s only child together.

Phil Collins's Net Worth

From 1984 through 1996, he was married to Jill Tavelman in his second marriage. Collins paid Tavelman $25 million in their divorce settlement, according to a story in the New York Times. A daughter, actress Lily Collins, was born to the couple.

It lasted from 1999 until 2008, when he married Orianne Cevey. During the course of their divorce, Collins made a $45 million payment to Cevey. Together, they had a brood of two.

From 2007 through 2016, he was in a relationship with Dana Tyler, an American news anchor. The couple had two kids together, and after their divorce, he relocated to Miami to be closer to Cevey and the boys. He reportedly then reunited with Cevey.

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Investing in Real Estate

Philip bought an 11,000-square-foot Miami beachfront house for $33 million in 2015. At the end of December 2020, he put his house on the market for $40 million, but he only got $39 million for it.

A private equity tycoon, Orlando Bravo, purchased the property.

Since he was a child, Collins has owned property in his home country of England.

Phil Collins’s Net Worth

Phil Collins's Net Worth

‘Phil Collins is a household figure in the world of music, both as a performer and songwriter. He has a huge personality and is well-known as one of the best drummers in the business. As a television and film actor, Phil has been in a number of series and films. To date, Phil has amassed a considerable fortune as a result of his labors. When it comes to money, Phil Collins has a net worth of $300 million.

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