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Suzanne Somers Net Worth: A Closer Look Into Profession Life, Career, & Lifestyle in 2022!

Suzanne Somers Net Worth

Life at the Beginning

Suzanne Marie Mahoney was born in San Bruno, California, on October 16, 1946. While growing up with three older siblings in an Irish-Catholic household, Suzanne had a difficult childhood. His alcoholism drove him to verbally harass Suzanne throughout her childhood. Suzanne was a cheerleader in her high school and married at the age of 19 while still in her teens. Her first kid was born in the same year. After three years of marriage, everything came to an end.


In 1969, Somers rose to fame as a prize model for the film Anniversary Game. The show’s presenter Alan Hamel, whom she married in 1977, met her when she worked there. George Lucas’s American Graffiti was one of her first notable appearances as an actor. Suzanne Somers secured appearances in programs including The Rockford Files, The Six Million Dollar Man, and One Day At A Time throughout the following several years. Also, she had a brief appearance in Magnum Force, which is uncredited.

On Three’s Company, Suzanne Somers had a starring role. This character became an iconic sex symbol because of her portrayal of the stereotyped stupid blonde. When it came to viewership, Three’s Company was a huge success. During the 1980s, Somers started demanding a better salary and was sacked.

Suzanne Somers found it difficult to participate in sitcoms after Three’s Company because of her contentious departure from the series. However, in 1987, She’s the Sheriff brought her back to the comedy scene. It lasted two seasons. Step By Step was Somers’ second significant appearance in a comedy after a string of roles in speculative television movies. It premiered in 1991 and continued for seven seasons, boosting Somers’ star power greatly throughout this time period.

Over the years, Suzanne Somers has also presented a number of discussion programs. She has also performed on Broadway and was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2015, where she finished in ninth place overall. There are several references to Suzanne Somers in popular television series like South Park and Beavis and Butthead.

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Twice in Playboy, Somers has been the subject of stories. In both cases, the magazine has shown the actress bare-chested, despite her original portrayal as a poor single mother who was unable to pay her expenses. While at first she was apprehensive, she finally decided to pose naked. Playboy published the photos in 1980, proving her false when she subsequently denied being involved in the shoot. Somers was so enraged that he sued Playboy and received a $50,000 compensation. That her 14-year-old son would be exposed to the images was one of her major fears.

Somers consented to appear again four years later, despite her displeasure with the first nude photo. She had the impression that this time, at the very least, she had some degree of control over the images that were captured. She also hoped it would help her career, as she had just departed Three’s Company. The second nude pictorial was released in 1984, and her 18-year-old son subsequently confessed to seeing the nude photographs, despite Somers’ claim that he would not want to see his own mother in Playboy.

Diagnosed with Cancer

In the year 2000, Suzanne was told she had breast cancer. In spite of the fact that her physicians suggested chemotherapy, she opted to seek treatment from a complementary and alternative medicine practitioner. Mistletoe extract known as Iscador was the first thing she used to cure herself. She used this treatment in conjunction with surgery to remove a malignant mass and radiation therapy that followed.

For promoting an unconventional approach to cancer therapy, Somers has received criticism from medical professionals. Suzanne Somers is also opposed to water fluoridation and passionately advocates bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women’s health difficulties. A great deal of Somers’ thinking may be found in his self-help books.

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Suzanne Somers’s Salary

American businesswoman Suzanne Somers is a household name. Film and television fans know her by name. Since his debut in 1963, Somers has been in a slew of series and films. In the years that followed, she went on to become one of the most popular authors in the world.

There are several works she has written, including diet manuals, autobiographies, poems, and more. Her work in the medical area is likewise highly effective, but some have questioned it. Currently, Suzanne Somers has a fortune of $105 million.

Suzanne Somers: Honors and accolades

Suzanne Somers has been in the music industry since 1963, when she first began her career. Commercials were a regular feature in Somers’ early career. Aside from that, she’s been active on the campus stage in a number of productions. In the past, Suzanne has said that she was a cheerleader at her high school. Please also have a look at Zoe Saldana’s net worth.

American Graffiti in 1973 gave her her first credited appearance in a feature film in the early 1970s. Until then, Somers had featured in a number of television series, including Anniversary Game, Mantrap, and others. In television sitcoms like Three’s Company and Step By Step, she became a household name.

Suzanne is also a published author, having penned works on poetry, autobiography, nutrition, and general well-being. Even though it is not a medically established treatment, her unwavering advocacy of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to treat cancer has drawn much criticism. However, she remains steadfast in her efforts. In her long and distinguished career, Somers has not received any honors or recognition.


In order to graduate from Capuchino High School, Suzanne Somers had to finish all of her prerequisite courses. When she was a teenager, she attended San Francisco College for Women’s. Before becoming an actor, Suzanne was a college cheerleader. She was also a performer in the theater in her younger years.

Personal Life

There is little doubt that Suzanne and Alan Hamel’s marriage is a happy one. They’ve been together for more than 40 years. Just a few months ago, they celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary together. Both Suzanne and Alan have ex-husbands. Her son’s biological father Bruce Somers, whom she was married to at the tender age of 19 years old, was her ex-husband. Her wedding, on the other hand, left her cold.

She was also involved in an extramarital affair with her former theatrical coach. Because of this, they divorced in 1967. On a game show presented by Alan, they met in person. Though Alan and Marilyn had been dating for eleven years previous to being married, he was still legally married to Marilyn Hamel. Somers’ three grandchildren are Camelia, Violet, and Daisy Hamel-Buffa.

It was reported by the Associated Press that Somers’ Malibu house was destroyed in 2007 by a wildfire in Southern California.

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