Hugh Hefner Net Worth 2022: Every Want to Know His Career, Lifestyle, Personal Relationship & Much More!

hugh hefner net worth

Early Life

In the United States, Hugh Hefner (April 9, 1926 – September 27, 2017) was a magazine publisher. He was the publisher and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, a journal known for its sexually explicit images and writing. Over 50,000 copies of Playboy’s first issue, issued in 1953, featured Marilyn Monroe in a nude calendar shot.


Hefner created a worldwide network of Playboy Clubs under the Playboy name. He also lived in lavish houses with Playboy pals, which fueled media interest in his wild partying lifestyle. One of the most prominent political activists of his day, in the Democratic Party and for the First Amendment rights and animal rescue.

Personal Life

It was 1949 when Hefner married Mildred Williams, his high school crush. She admitted to Hefner that she had an affair with him when he was in the Army before their wedding. The disclosure was terrible, he has said publicly. Out of shame for her own adultery, Mildred allegedly permitted him to have extramarital affairs with other women.


It was in 1959 when the two parted ways. Christie and David were the two children they had together. When Hef’s divorce was finalized, he rebranded himself as a “man about town” in order to fit in with the Playboy lifestyle. Eleven of the twelve months of Playmates he acknowledged to being engaged in were his.

Hefner married Kimberley Conrad, a woman 36 years his younger, in 1985 after suffering a small stroke at the age of 58 in 1985. Marston and Cooper were born to them. A decade before their divorce was finalized, they had been living apart. Until his death, he was married to Crystal Harris (now Hefner), who was his third wife.

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In a 1993 episode of The Simpsons, Krusty Gets Kancelled, Hugh Hefner voiced himself. In 2000, Hefner played himself in an episode of Sex and the City in which he played himself. On Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm, he guest-starred in 2005 Additionally, he has appeared on shows like Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and Miss March, among others.


As a cameo actor, he has appeared in several films. In the years between 2005 and 2010, Hugh produced and often featured in a reality series called The Girls Next Door, which chronicled his life in the Playboy Mansion and the numerous girlfriends he had there.

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Hugh Hefner’s Net Worth

Documents released as part of a divorce settlement show that Hugh Hefner estimated his personal net worth at $43 million in 2009. At the height of his Playboy fame, Hefner had an estimated net worth of over $200 million. It has been a difficult time for the firm since magazine sales have decreased significantly over the last several years.

hugh hefner net worth

80 percent of Playboy’s stock value was lost between 2000 and 2010. At the end of 2011, a buyout led by private equity firm Icon Acquisition Holdings and Hefner was completed. Rizvi Traverse, a private equity firm, bought the icon in the future. A 35 percent stake in the Playboy brand and a 100 percent stake in the actual magazine were owned by Hefner prior to his death.

Mansion of Playboy

From 1974 through his death in 2017, Hugh resided at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, California, which is 21,000 square feet. Celebrities and socialites flocked to the house to attend Hugh’s lavish parties in the 1970s, making it renowned.


To name a few of the house’s many amenities, there are 29 rooms, three zoos, tennis and basketball courts, a waterfall and many swimming pools.

Though it’s a common misconception, most people assume Hugh is the rightful owner of the famed Playboy house. In addition to the rent, Hefner paid Playboy Enterprises a yearly fee to cover additional costs, such as meals and parties. It cost an average of $1 million a year to rent the property. Hefner’s live-in girlfriends’ accommodation and food are included in this as well.

According to Playboy Enterprises, the property was listed for $200 million in January 2016. At $60–$80 million, it’s far more expensive than a similar property in the same area… Only one Playboy Mansion exists on the planet!

In June 2016, Daren Metropoulos paid $110 million for the property. As a 32-year-old man at the time of Hefner’s death, Daren Metropoulos is the son of a multimillionaire businessman. Hostess, Bumble Bee Tuna, Pabst, and Chef Boyardee are just a few of the enterprises whose fortunes were revived by his father. Renovations will begin in April 2020 on the Playboy Mansion.

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