7 Best Stock News Website


There are many resources online for stock investors, but few websites can compare to WallStreetZen. This financial data website is designed by finance professionals to make financial information easy to understand.

It runs automated due diligence checks on companies and presents the results in a single-line explanation. You will be able to pick out stocks with confidence after reading WallStreetZen’s reviews. But it is not just about financial data. WallStreetZen makes stock research easy for beginners.


WallStreetZen’s financial models are independent of any hidden agendas. It provides equal quantitative analysis for each stock without DCF models or spreadsheets to track changes. You’ll also appreciate its ability to prioritize key metrics and assist with visualizing industry context. Plus, it has an impressively sleek user interface. And while it might be intimidating initially, WallStreetZen’s tools are highly intuitive.

Zacks Investment Research

Yahoo! Finance is the most popular website for stock research and analysis in the United States. Although it has a complicated interface, it offers good stock analysis. To begin, type in your favorite stock in the search box at the top right-hand corner. You can also check out Zacks Premium. To get started, sign up for a free 30-day trial. After that, you can access more tools on Zacks, including stock charts, news, and quotes.

Wall Street Journal

Numerous websites offer stock research. The Wall Street Journal is arguably the most important and respected daily publication in the financial industry. Its staff reporters have decades of experience in the field, providing a welcome contrast to the superficial and often-inaccurate wire reports.

In addition, the Journal produces an extensive range of internal columns, including Heard on the Street and Wealth Adviser. The articles are informative and unbiased, and the staff’s projections give a sober tone to the otherwise gloomy market.

Google Finance

It is the largest repository of third-party research reports, and you can customize your reports to suit your investment needs. You can also follow companies interested in staying on top of their performance. There are also real-time stock prices, news, and analysis of relevant companies. You can even read company profiles and patent updates from Google Finance.


The TradingView website is a good place to research stocks because it has a huge community of stock traders who share their strategies, stock analysis, and portfolios with other users. This community of stock traders is a good source of information and offers tools for both beginners and advanced users.

In addition, three different paid account plans are available – monthly, yearly, and every two years. For a limited time, you can try the website’s free account for 30 days. Although it is not free, it is cheaper than some competitors.


The Morningstar website is an excellent source of information about stocks. It was founded in 1984 and provided financial news, valuations, and advanced investment screeners. In addition to its stock ratings, the website offers free and paid subscriptions.

The free website version gives you access to analyst reports and a few of its features, such as Portfolio Manager and Portfolio X-Ray tools. The premium subscription is also worth considering if you want to access detailed information about funds and stock recommendations.

TD Ameritrade

If you’re looking for a reliable online brokerage, TD Ameritrade is a solid choice. You can access their vast array of educational tools, including fundamental and technical analysis. They also offer third-party research, such as Morningstar, S&P Capital IQ, Ford Equity, and Jaywalk Consensus. Additionally, you can access the website’s community and participate in virtual trading to gain valuable insight from knowledgeable analysts.

Final thoughts

There are many investment websites available for individual investors. Unfortunately, the Internet has produced too many, making it challenging to find the right one. In addition, the number of websites is so high that the information is often contradictory. Making an accurate financial plan can be difficult when you don’t have the proper fundamental data. However, checking excellent stock research tools is a great start if you want a more intuitive interface and powerful tools.