US President Joe Biden Injury Update: He Falls off Bicycle, He Says ‘I’m good’ -See All Update

joe Biden Injury Update

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were out for a morning bike ride on Saturday when the event occurred. He went out on a bike ride near his seaside house in Delaware when he was shot and killed. When the President came to a halt, he lost his balance and collapsed on top of the group, as seen by a spectator.

What Caused the Incident?

He decided to cycle over to a gathering of well-wishers who had gathered along the bike route after he and First Lady Jill Biden, both 79, were completed with their morning ride.


While trying to get off the bike, Vice President Biden slipped to his right side and slid onto his back, needing assistance to get back up.

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According to White House News: President Obama Is Doing Good and does not need  Any Medical Treatment.

The president regained his footing swiftly and spoke with bystanders for a few minutes before continuing on his way.


White House officials said that President Obama was well and didn’t need medical treatment after the event. They added that the president planned to spend his remaining day with his family.

The Bidens are spending the long weekend at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

They were married 45 years on Friday, and it was a joyous occasion.

After his foot became caught in the toe straps of the bike, the President reportedly said he had lost his balance.

CNN said that a White House official said that Biden was “fine” after his fall and that he would not need medical assistance. “That’s exactly what happened to President Trump when he tried to get out of the car. There’s no need for medical treatment at this point in time. As the remainder of the day approaches, President Obama is looking forward to spending time with his family “added the source.

A lengthy weekend at their Rehoboth Beach house awaits the Bidens. On Friday, they celebrated 45 years of marriage.

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