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Twice During His Performance at a Festival, Pharrell Williams Stopped His Set to Allow Fallen Fans to Be Extricated: The ‘What We Do’

Twice During His Performance at a Festival, Pharrell Williams Stopped His Set to Allow Fallen Fans to Be Extricated: The 'What We Do'

In the eyes of Pharrell Williams, the safety and well-being of his audience members come first.

Following reports that two concertgoers were having medical issues, the 49-year-old artist took many breaks during Saturday’s second day of the Something in the Water Festival.

Williams can be seen on stage with other musicians No Malice and Pusha T in a video posted by Fox 5 DC asking spectators to help identify a fan in need of aid during an overhead announcement.

D.C. Realtime News reported in a tweet that a second illness forced the cancellation of the show. “The program was halted by @Pharrell to ensure that this person was taken care of. There is only RESPECT for what you’ve done here, “They penned a piece.

A video of Williams and the other performers onstage at the intermission was posted by Williams after the show as a thank you to the audience for “taking care of each other.” “Do we not do this every day? The “Happy” are the ones who help others get to the top “This is what the singer states in the video.

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One month earlier, on Nov. 5, a stampede at the Astroworld Festival in Houston killed 10 concertgoers during Travis Scott’s act, prompting calls for an investigation.

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As a result, performers including Billie Eilish, John Mayer, and Doja Cat have taken time out of their schedules to check in on the safety of the crowd.

At an Atlanta event earlier this year, Eilish, a 20-year-old singer, interrupted her act to assist a fan to acquire an inhaler. At the Hollywood Palladium, Mayer, a 44-year-old singer, stopped his set to aid a fan who seemed to be fainting.

Doja Cat, 26, on the other hand, paused her own performance at Lollapalooza Argentina in March to assist an audience member in need of assistance for about five minutes.

When things weren’t going so well, she remarked, “I’m sorry, but I can’t keep going.” “I’d want to pose a question to you all, however. Is it really so important that everyone gets home safely? Right? To ensure everyone gets home safely, make a commotion. Right, so you’re with me? That’s the only thing that really counts here.”

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