Yellowstone’s Secret to Success: Kevin Costner When it comes to a good western, it’s not just about the gunfight.

Yellowstone's Secret to Success: Kevin Costner When it comes to a good western, it's not just about the gunfight.

Yellowstone’s Secret to Success: Kevin Costner When it comes to a good western, it’s not just about the gunfight.

As John Dutton, the father and owner of Montana’s greatest ranch navigate friction within his family and with the Broken Rock Indian Reservation, national park, as well as developers, in the popular Paramount+ series.

Costner, 67, believes that the show’s “world-building and character development” is what makes it so great.


For him, a good Western isn’t simply a race to the shootout. He says this in an interview with People magazine to promote the debut of Paramount+ in Britain. “I believe a movie or television program about a firefight might be fantastic if you can invent the dialogue and the setting. So long as the people and the situation are understandable, I don’t see why you can’t get there in a reasonable amount of time.”

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Costner also mentions the show’s efforts to humanize and deepen its narrative.

According to him, “the black hat and the white hat” are all that most Westerns have to offer. “In the best cases, you are left wondering whether your character has what it takes to make it through. The West made you make judgments on a daily basis that made you go, ‘Wow.'”


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He points out, for instance, that “The term “stranger” conjures up images of someone we’ve never met down the hall. The boogeyman in the West was like that. People would be scared of a stranger. They have no idea where he came from. They weren’t sure whether he had just been released from prison. Things had to be measured, too. It was impossible to tell whether a stranger on the wide plain desired anything you had, even your wife and children. Because of this, you were constantly confronted with bizarre choices. Whether you’re going to design the set for a Western, I wonder if you’d have responded as rapidly under the same circumstances. It does the job.”


There have been other Tyler Sheridan spin-offs since the series premiered in 2018, including the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill starrer 1883, which chronicled the narrative of how the Dutton family came to purchase the Montana property now known as Yellowstone Ranch.

During the Great Depression in Montana’s Dutton County in the early 1920s, there was prohibition, drought, and cattle rustling, and Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford will feature in the forthcoming prequel, 1923.

There will be a second spin-off series, 6666, which will focus on the raw and honest viewpoint of a real cattle ranch in West Texas, as revealed in February 2021.

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