According to Kim Kardashian ,not “everything” can be “aired out” about what her marriage to Kanye West was “really like.”

According to Kim, not

According to Kim, not “everything” can be “aired out” about what her marriage to Kanye West was “really like.”

Protecting her privacy is my top priority at this time. After previously implying that there were elements of her marriage to Kanye West that no one actually knew about, Kim Kardashian detailed her thinking process.

Everything has gone well and wrong in the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West West throughout time.

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According to Kim, not "everything" can be "aired out" about what her marriage to Kanye West was "really like."

According to Skims CEO, 41, “I believe that there’s a lot that I don’t reveal and I don’t think I ever will,” on Today With Hoda & Jenna on Tuesday, June 21. “You know, couples go through a lot of ups and downs.”

A relationship’s success or failure can’t be judged by how it appears on social networking platforms. According to the reality star, “sometimes people publish all the nice stuff and that’s OK, like, that is a photo, that is a narrative, that is a piece of art.” I don’t believe that everything should be made public, though. No, I don’t.

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In February 2021, after almost seven years of marriage, the California native filed for divorce from West, 45. Kardashian has three children with Kanye West, including nine-year-old North, six-year-old Saint, four-year-old Chicago, and three-year-old Psalm. During the first season of Hulu’s The Kardashians, when West participated briefly, the couple’s breakup was addressed. However, the beauty mogul suggested that there was more to her narrative on the show.


‘The Kardashians’ Kim and Her Family Said About Kanye West a Lot


In order to avoid interfering with one another’s personal affairs, we constantly tread carefully around each other’s circumstances. In addition, I like the fact that no one approached me throughout my marriage and said, “Are you okay?” On Thursday, June 16, the Selfish author added, “Everyone let me take my own path and see it on my own.” “Thank you for your consideration, but there are moments when I wonder, ‘When did we leap in?'” When it comes to this topic, I’m a little confused.”

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