Judge Jeanine Net Worth: A Closer Look Into Profession Life, Career, & Lifestyle in 2022!

Judge Jeanine Net Worth

The daughter of Lebanese-American parents, Jeanine Ferris grew up in Elmira, New York. Her father worked in the mobile home industry, while her mother was a model for department stores in Beirut, where she grew up. They were Maronite Catholics, and her parents were also Catholics. When Pirro was only six years old, she knew she wanted to be an attorney and pursued her dream.

She completed her high school education at Notre Dame High School in Elmira, New York, in only three years, while working as an intern at the Chemung County District Attorney’s Office. Afterward, Pirro received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Buffalo. The Albany Legal School at Union University, where she was an editor of the law review, awarded her a J.D. in 1975.

Judge Jeanine’s Net Worth

The net worth of Judge Jeanine Pirro is $14 million dollars. She is a judge, a media personality, and an author from the United States. The first woman judge in Westchester County, Pirro started her legal career in 1975 as an Assistant District Attorney.


In 1993, she became the county’s first female district attorney. It was impossible to ignore Jeanine’s work as chair of the New York State Commission on Domestic Violence Fatalities. Despite her efforts, she was unsuccessful in both the Republican Senate nomination and the nomination for Attorney General in 2006.

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Early Life

On June 2, 1951, Jeanine Pirro was born in Elmira, New York. She was raised by Lebanese-American parents Nassar and Esther and her younger sister Lulu in a Maronite Catholic household. Jeanine’s mother was a department store model, while her father was a salesman for mobile homes.

In high school, Pirro interned at the Chemung County District Attorney’s Office, where she worked on a variety of criminal cases. A Bachelor of Arts degree from the  University of Buffalo was Jeanine’s next step after graduating from high school. For her J.D., she moved on to Union University’s Albany Law School where she served as editor of the law review and graduated in 1975.

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Career in Politics:

Two days after she was named as Andrew O’Rourke’s running partner, Jeanine O’Rourke withdrew her name from consideration, claiming that her husband could not reveal his commercial interests or legal clients and that numerous of those clients transacted business with New York State in 1986.


She declared her plan to run for U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton in August of that year, and she hasn’t slowed down since! Four months later, she announced her withdrawal from the campaign, claiming, “I have determined that my law enforcement expertise better prepares me for a run for New York State attorney general than a race for the United States Senate.

His Personal Life

During her time as a law student, Jeanine Pirro was introduced to Albert Pirro, a fellow student. They married in 1975. He became a lobbyist and she became an assistant district attorney in Harrison, New York, after they wed, where they both worked. Both of them have a child.


He became one of Donald Trump’s most trusted confidants in the late 1990s when Albert became an influential lobbyist. There were two Mercedes-Benzes, one Ferrari, a vacation home in Harrison, a house in West Palm Beach, and a million dollars in the bank.

When Albert Pirro was sentenced to prison for tax evasion in 2000, Jeanine Pirro’s reputation was in jeopardy. After her reputation was tarnished, she contemplated leaving as District Attorney of Westchester County. She was accused of using Albert’s company credit card to pay for an oil picture of herself and of negotiating a personal deal with the artist on the district attorney’s letterhead.

It’s widely believed that she’s had work done on her face to make her seem younger. When Roger Ailes, the Fox CEO, was accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, she was condemned for standing up for Ailes. When she claimed that she had sent New York real estate heir Robert Durst to prison, she sparked yet another uproar.

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