Who Is Ryan Paevey, the Hallmark Channel star? The ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Star Has 5 Facts You Need to Know!

Who Is Ryan Paevey, the Hallmark Channel star? The 'Two Tickets to Paradise' Star Has 5 Facts You Need to Know!

Who Is Ryan Paevey, the Hallmark Channel star? The ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Star Has 5 Facts You Need to Know!

He is a multi-talented dude! Fans of rom-coms won’t want to miss Ryan Paevey’s newest film, Two Tickets to Paradise, which he has been in since 2015.

As Donovan Darcy in the Unleashing Mr. Darcy movies, the 37-year-old actor initially came to the attention of Hallmark Channel fans. When Two Tickets to Paradise releases on June 25, it brings together some of the actor’s favorite things: Christmas flicks, comedy, and romance.


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“We were able to go surfing on the island’s western side. We boarded a boat and set off toward a new destination. Paevey gushed about the experience in a Q&A with co-star Ashley Williams in June, calling it “very enjoyable.” “Surfing is something I’ve always adored doing since I grew up doing it with my dad.”

Having signed a multi-picture contract with Crown Media Family Networks in May, actor Michael Emerson spoke glowingly about his time on the set of Matching Hearts. “I can’t believe this is my life right now,” he recalls thinking. “I had to phone my dad,” Paevey said. That was a fantastic experience. That was a ton of fun.


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When Josh Wyatt and Hannah Holt are both abandoned at the altar in the summertime movie, Paevey’s character meets Williams’ character, Hannah Holt. After a chance encounter at the airport, the newlyweds decide to travel on their honeymoon together, where they quickly develop feelings for one another.

“Jоsh’s character has a great taste for adventure,” Williams said in a behind-the-scenes interview released by Hallmark at the beginning of June. Not even a stuntman will do for him. Paevey went on to say, “I do all of Josh’s surfing since I surf myself. Stuntman: He’s the guy. Surfing is one of my favorite pastimes.

The A Timeless Christmas actor’s adventure-loving enthusiasm has always been a part of his life. In fact, he started the blog Fоrtunate Wanderer to share his experiences traveling with Hallmark.

“I like reminiscing about my journeys. On the September 2016 episode of Hоme & Family, Paevey said that his travels had given him an appreciation for photography. As an added bonus, he said that he designs and creates jewelry on the go. In addition to making things, I carry things with me.” When I’m in an area where intriguing objects are available, I collect them and bring them back to my home. And I turn them into objects in the process.

He concluded by saying, “It all started with the photography.” I have a few things to do for the show. Created by myself, of it I’m the only photographer on the scene.

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