Learn More About “Seeking Sister Wife” Marcus Epps, a Star: Learn About His Job, Children, and More

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 Learn More About “Seeking Sister Wife” Marcus Epps, a Star:  Learn About His Job, Children, and More

Following their premiere on Monday night’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Marcus Epps, his wife Taryn Lindsey, and their fiancée India Rosser participated in an Instagram live. The group clarified a few items that were either incorrect or misleading, but overall they appeared pleased with how they were portrayed.

The three minors residing in the home are first presented to viewers of Seeking Sister Wife when we meet the Epps family. (This sentence may appear strange, but it was necessary to mention that one of the children residing with the Epps is not a child of any of the three adults. It’s actually four adults, but we’ll get to that later.)


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Kielyn, age 9, and Tristen, age 15, are the kids who are blood relatives. The child of Marcus and Taryn is named Kielyn. Marcus has a child from a prior relationship named Tristen. JB, Tristen’s 16-year-old best friend, also resides with the family at the Orlando, Florida home.

What Position Has Marcus Epps?

Surprisingly, Marcus represents his hometown of Euclid, Ohio, as an elected official.


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He said in June 2022, “Living a polygamous lifestyle hurts my profession quite a bit. “The concept that I’m some sort of deviant or that there is something wrong with me because I live this lifestyle was one of the hardest things for us. However, I’m devoted. Marcus and the rest of his family are still residing in Florida even though he is an elected politician in Ohio.

Marcus Epps has Ten children.

On the show, Marcus presently resides with his son Tristen, daughter Kielyn, and JB, a friend of Tristen’s.

Marcus disclosed, however, that he truly has more kids than what is depicted on the reality show during an Instagram Live session in June 2022. You everyone are aware of my family size. He remarked that the producers thought it would be “too much to explain” and then said, “I have 10 children.


On the show, Marcus refers to Taryn as his wife and India as his fiancée. Taryn uses her maiden name online, nevertheless. Taryn also uses her maiden name in a number of legal documents. Are Marcus and Taryn therefore legally wed or not?


In their home county or in a few other counties they have lived in, I checked court records but was unable to locate a marriage license or certificate issued for Marcus and Taryn. That does not, however, prove that they are not married.

When Marcus was vying for the Euclid City Council seat in October 2019, The Lake County News-Herald published some facts on him. The data came from a questionnaire that the candidates themselves answered. Here are a few of Marcus’ responses to questions about his marital status and his kids:

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