For her Next Album, Tinashe says that it will take her “a second” to figure out the “direction.”


For her Next Album, Tinashe says that it will take her “a second” to figure out the “direction.”

Tinashe’s fans may have to wait a little longer for her next album, however.

Album 333, the follow-up to 2014’s “2 On,” was released in August of that year. It’s her second release as an independent artist, following on from 2019’s Songs for You.

A deluxe version of her album 333 was released in March that included four new tracks, which Tinashe exclusively tells PEOPLE she’s “always working on new things.” However, she still needs to work out the details of her sixth studio album’s concept.

For her next album, Tinashe says that it will take her "a second" to figure out the "direction."

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When asked about her plans for the future, Tinashe says, “I believe it’s going to take me a second to really find my footing on what route I want to go next.” She recently collaborated with The Blonds x Motorola Razr for their Pride Month campaign. “However, I’m always looking for something new to try.”

When asked about her plans for the near future, Tinashe says she’s “taking the inspiration of being able to do all these shows and touring again” as a guide.

“I don’t feel like I need to disclaim anyone when I write music,” Tinashe tells the New York Times. “I don’t feel like I need to give anyone a disclaimer.”

For her next album, Tinashe says that it will take her "a second" to figure out the "direction."

With her recent performance at The Blonds’ x Motorola Razr’s Pride Extravaganza at The Boom Boom Room in New York City this past weekend, she was able to achieve this once again. An exclusive couture lanyard was developed in advance of the event, with all proceeds going to benefit the New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project.

For Tinashe, it was a special moment because she came out as bisexual at the time of the collaboration’s announcement.

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“Being part of something that is clearly benefiting a subject that I care about makes me feel good. For me, anti-violence and support for the LGBTQ+ community in New York City are two things that are very important “Tinashe is of the opinion. “My support for it is unwavering. That’s why it’s so essential to me. In addition, it’s a lot of joy to be a part of Pride for New York and to participate in the festivities.”

The former DWS contestant continues, “It’s critical to be involved in the process at all times. Performance that combine my professional strengths with aspects of my personal identity and well-being help to bridge the gap between the two worlds, which I tend to regard as distinct.”

For her next album, Tinashe says that it will take her "a second" to figure out the "direction."

Tinashe said that she “absolutely” feels “closer to my fans” as a result of being honest about her sexual orientation.

She goes on to say, “Being true to who you are makes you a better artist overall.” For me, that’s a key part of my artwork and everything I do as a creator: trying to convey who I am in a way that’s as true to who I am as a person as possible.

Fans can see the difference, “and it generates greater art, and it makes you a better artist when you combine those elements,” the “X” singer adds.

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