WATCH: Kesha Claims to Have Met a ‘Demon’ While Ghost Hunting with Whitney Cummings

WATCH: Kesha Claims to Have Met a 'Demon' While Ghost Hunting with Whitney Cummings

WATCH: Kesha Claims to Have Met a ‘Demon’ While Ghost Hunting with Whitney Cummings

During a recent ghost search, Kesha may have gotten Whitney Cummings in over her head.

Pop singer, 35, recounted a disturbing story about a future episode of her Discovery+ series, Conjuring Kesha, in which the 39-year-old comedian channeled a demon and didn’t know it at the time.

She informed Seth Meyers that she went her to “a haunted prison in the midst of the Tennessee mountains” with a demonologist. A transgender ghost may be conversing with Cummings upstairs in a lovely moment of connection, as she believes she is linked and having a full dialogue with the ghost.


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The expert, on the other hand, believes that Cummings was not conversing with a friendly ghost who identified as transgender. “”Get her out! Get her out of there!” the demonologist is yelling down below. The devil himself! This is a scam!’ “reminded myself of Kesha.

“For some reason, I’m afraid to go up there in case it turns out to be a monster. Nonetheless, Whitney is crying and having a wonderful time, and I’m the host,” said the “Raising Hell” star “an artist

And as of two minutes ago, you were a friend,” Meyers said.

If nothing else, Kesha said, “It’s pretty intriguing.”

Conjuring Kesha follows the musician’s Kesha and the Creepies podcast as the latest in a long line of spooky content in her career.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the supernatural,” she said to Meyers. When I was sitting in bed one night, I was like, ‘Uh oh, here we go.’ My whole life has been extremely strange, and then throughout COVID, existential crisis after existential crisis and just heaps of worry started.”


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At Stonewall Day Pride, Kesha spoke against the Roe v. Wade reversal, saying, “We are not done fighting.”

“My brain’s shattering,” she said as she recalled the thought. She then admitted that she was going “mad.”

“A voice told me to put on my headphones, and then I saw a vision and heard a vision tell me the same thing. There’s a lot going on here “Kesha is really thorough. “I finally grasped the concept of love. As I looked out across the cosmos, I could see it in all its glory. As a result, I took a step back. It was a microcosm of the larger whole that it was meant to be. I’ve got a clearer picture now.”

After that, she recalls calling her therapist and describing her ordeal. “‘Well, guess what?’ she said. My congratulations! This is a spiritual awakening,’ I exclaimed “”Kesha” stated. “‘What’s the point?’ I thought to myself. Do I really want to achieve this? What? What the hell are you doing? That’s when I decided to throw myself headlong into the experience.”

It wasn’t long before Kesha started creating music about the incident and then called her brother Lagan Sebert to present the TV program concept.

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