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After Cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ Son, Erika Girardi Learned a Lesson.

After Cursing at Garcelle Beauvais' Son, Erika Girardi Learned a Lesson.

After Cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ Son, Erika Girardi Learned a Lesson.

Erika Girardi is getting into a lot of trouble by herself.

“XXPEN$IVE” singer 50-year-old Garcelle Beauvais’ 55th birthday party, where she stumbled into two awkward encounters with the sons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-host.

Oliver Saunders, Garcelle’s eldest son and married father of four, was the first person Erika tried to seduce. “Please have your mother send me a private message through my Instagram DMs. It’ll fit through three doors. It’s all right, you know “she said on the subject.

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Garcelle intervened so they could go home when Erika continued to harass Oliver. Oliver stood up and declared that it was “It was a pleasure to meet you, Erika! He shut me off!”

Garcelle’s 14-year-old twin Jax and Crystal Kung Minkoff approached Erika as she sat at her table to pick up floral arrangements, and the situation went from bad to worse. Erika, standing next to Dorit Kemsley, immediately inquired as to what Jax was up to.

For some reason, Erika “violated” the youngster, who had returned to Garcelle’s side, he said, in an incoherent voice.

Garcelle then walked up to Erika and calmly broached the subject.

“To Jax’s disappointment, Erika, you caused him distress. Please refrain from using such language with him “As Erika was perplexed, Garcelle offered his perspective on the situation. “You said, ‘Get the f— out of here,’ and that’s not okay.”

Erika then loudly pleaded for Jax to “come over here” so she could make amends. In the face of Garcelle’s cool departure, Erika had to inquire: “Wait a second. Garcelle, what are you talking about here?”

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“Yeah! I believe he said as much when I asked, “Garcelle’s response was this: This is not acceptable.

Later in the episode, Garcelle tells Sheree Zampino about Erika “crush[ing] on Oliver” and cussing out Jax.

Garcelle remarked, “I didn’t want to have that conversation with her in that state.” If she can hear me, I want her sober.

During a brunch at Sutton Stracke’s house, the actress declared the conversation will be “happening today.” In response to Sheree’s criticism of Erika’s “inappropriate” behavior, the women drank to Garcelle “putting the bitch straight.”

When Garcelle appeared at the party, Erika was apprehensive. A producer asked Erika if she was “worried” about coming to Sutton’s because of their continuous hostility.

She said, “I’m scared about Garcelle.” In my mind, I’m more concerned about this Haitian mother I’ve offended than I am about this house.”

When Erika arrived, she greeted Garcelle with a courteous “glad to see you” and a smile. Next, Erika inquired as to the nature of everyone’s beverage of choice before bringing up her encounters with Garcelle’s youngsters.

“I’ve realized that I can only consume one alcoholic beverage at a time. Garcelle nodded in agreement before responding, “Okay,” to Erika’s request for just one. That’s great to hear! One is fine, in my opinion.”

The answer is “No, it’s like, it’s done.” Erika, who has been drinking and taking her medication for most of season 12, went on to say, “Yep, agreed,” before Garcelle cut her off.

In a confessional, Garcelle suggested that Erika’s intoxicated behavior is simply an expression of her personality. “How you behave is really who you are,” she said, even though we’d all had a few drinks.

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