Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s Dating History: An Exhaustive Timeline of Their Romance

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky's Dating History.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s Dating History.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have been married for more than a decade and are still going strong.

It was just a matter of time before the two became husband and wife after meeting in 2010. Fans were surprised by their quick engagement and marriage, but their relationship has lasted the test of time.. Pataky, a Spanish actress who was married to Hemsworth, had three children. India, Tristan, and Sasha are their children, born in 2012 and 2014 respectively.


Pataky opened up to Australian magazine body+soul ahead of the couple’s tenth anniversary in 2020, claiming that she and Hemsworth had “ups and downs” like any other relationship.

The two joked, “It’s amusing people think of us as a perfect couple.” “There is no way. Despite the ups and downs, we’re still working on our relationship.”

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While the couple does not share many details about their private lives on social media, they have offered fans a peek into their happy home life on a few occasions. Their sons, who are identical twins, accompanied them at the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder in 2022.

A timeline of Chris Hemsworth and ElSa Pataky’s romance from their first meeting to their low-key wedding is here.

September 2010


He met Pataky in early 2010 through talent agent William Ward, and the couple went public with their relationship in September. Hemsworth admitted in an interview with Elle magazine in 2010 that there was no “light-bulb moment” for him. “We just clicked from the moment we met. She’s a good time. It’s fun to try to keep up with her since she’s friendly, funny, and enthusiastic about life.”

December 2010


Wedding bells will be ringing in December 2010! After making their red carpet debut just a few months earlier, Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Alba sealed the knot in Australia over the Christmas holiday in 2010.

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May 2012


The couple had their first child, a daughter named India, less than two years after their wedding. She told Hola! that she was “delighted and pleased” to have a baby before theirs was born. “The finest thing that can happen to you in this life is having the person that you love by your side, and creating a family with them,” she added at the time. In the end, “you can’t ask for more.” ”

November 2013


Be on the move! Just 18 months after the birth of their first child, the couple announced that they were expecting a second child in November 2013.

March 2014


There are five of us in the family! Thor star Chris Hemsworth gave birth to twins Tristan and Sasha in Los Angeles in March of that year. Hemsworth had previously stated what he found to be the most “wonderful” aspect of parenthood five months prior. He told Parade magazine, “I think [parenthood] brings out the child in all of us.” “It brings back memories of the things you were fascinated with as a child and the time you spent just being with a loved one. Wow , what a discovery.”

 In the Early 2015 


He and his family returned to Byron Bay, Australia, after spending some time in the United States. When he spoke to Traveller in early 2015, he said that while he loved living in Los Angeles, “me and my wife just thought it was best for the family that we moved back to Australia.” “Byron natives treat us like locals. It’s less hectic and more conducive to raising our three children than Los Angeles.”

March 2015


Keeping him grounded. Pataky dismissed the attention her husband received after being named one of People magazine’s sexiest men in the world. In 2015, she told Women’s Health U.K., “It’s funny when it’s your husband.” “Sexy is, to me, what’s on the inside of a person. Because I don’t want him to get overly conceited, I won’t tell him that I think he’s gorgeous and fit. ‘What do you think?’ he’ll ask. “Well, I’ve been the sexiest woman in Spain for a lot of years,” I’ll reply with a smile. Though it is a jest, it is all a prank.”

In November 2015


The couple had been married for nearly five years and were still head over heels in love. Chris Hemsworth said in 2015 that watching her become a mother made him fall in love with her even more. “We were like, “We’re in it, this is it,” after we had children. As soon as we had children, I developed a newfound admiration and respect for my wife. Having her at my side surely helps me to remain rational. No matter how much I whine, she just keeps on truckin’.”

March 2016


What are you hiding? The Snow White and the Huntsman actor seems unfazed by the public’s surprise over his quick marriage to his longtime girlfriend. During an interview with Good Morning Britain, he admitted, “It did happen quickly and it just seemed right, it made sense.” “I can honestly say that there wasn’t a great deal of planning behind any of it. ‘Why don’t we get married, too?’ we asked each other while vacationing. It’s safe to say that more preparation was needed, but in the end, everything worked fine.”

In the month of October 2016


A report in an Australian tabloid stated that Chris Hemsworth and wife Lily were having marital problems, and the actor responded with a humorous rebuttal. “According to @womansdayaus and other misinformed sources, you’re on the lookout for a new bride. There is no doubt in my mind that you still care about me. #thanksfortheheadsup @elsapatakyconfidential, “He hinted on social media, using the hashtag #tease. The Spanish model, on the other hand, reassured admirers of their romance that they would remain together “It’s now or never! It’s a never-ending cycle!”

The month of January of this year (2018)

In an open interview with Elle Australia, Pataky revealed how much her life has changed since becoming a mother, despite earlier admitting that she made the decision toa  take on the role of doting mother. “As a successful woman who has worked her entire life, it’s intriguing to see how having children changes your perspective on your career, making you wonder, “WTF am I doing?”


This is something for which I have fought my entire life, and now I’m not sure if I still want it.’ “At the moment, she said this. “Due to the fact that men are not subjected to the same hardships, I think it is unfair. After having kids, everything that was vital is put on the back burner. You grow, mature, and become more aware of the world around you as a result of your experiences.”

August 2020


The couple’s marriage, according to August 2020 Pataky, isn’t exactly a piece of cake. That we’re viewed as such a picture-perfect pair is amusing to her, she said. “There’s no way,” I said. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs, but we’re continuously trying to improve our relationship. A relationship, in my opinion, requires ongoing effort. It’s not a simple task. “I’m always looking for the silver linings.”

December 2020


In December 2020, the couple will mark a significant anniversary of their union. “Ten years of marriage! It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the progress of contemporary medicine and science as well as a few hundred more.” A message from Hemsworth was sent to his Instagram account.

May of 2021


To all the intelligent, industrious, mother-caring, bar-raising, husband-enduring women out there, a belated Happy Mother’s Day! Thor: Love and Thunder actor Chris Hemsworth paid tribute to his wife and their three children in a heartfelt Instagram post. “We bow to your majesty.”

August 2021


The model used an Instagram slideshow of their sweetest moments together to wish her spouse a happy birthday. The message read: “Happy birthday to my favorite spouse ever.” “You have no idea how much you mean to me. In the hope of many more years of amusement and joy.”

In the Month of January 2022


While visiting Hans & Gretel’s confectionery shop in the United Kingdom, the pair channeled their inner youngsters. “4 weeks’ worth of cheat meals in one bite and no regrets,” the Avengers actor captioned an Instagram photo from the occasion. “Bubblegum flavored ice cream dipped in sprinkles wrapped in cotton candy.”

In the Month of April 2022


Such a wonderful vacation. As Pataky and her boyfriend captured the sunset together, she captioned the images, “I feel so grateful!!,”.

June 2022


Pataky and her hubby appeared on the red carpet together at the Thor: Love and Thunder premiere in Los Angeles in June 2022.

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