The First Tattoo of Aaron Rodgers Has Nothing to Do With Football.

The First Tattoo of Aaron Rodgers Has Nothing to Do With Football.

The First Tattoo of Aaron Rodgers Has Nothing to Do With Football.

“For the first time, Aaron Rodgers has revealed a tattoo that has nothing to do with his professional sports career. When the Green Bay Packers quarterback took to Instagram to show off his “important” jewelry, he included a picture of it”.

After getting his first tattoo, the NFL athlete, who was formerly engaged to Shailene Woodley, said that he is now completely inked up.

In a post-dated July 6, Aaron showed off the tattoo on his arm that he had received from Balazs Bercsényi, a Hungarian tattoo artist known as the “goat.”


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Aaron commented, “Grateful for his mastery and friendship,” while showing off his ink, which contains two lions, several constellations, and the astrological signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. ” (his sun sign). Aside from the ocean and eye symbols, Aaron said the tattoo was influenced by astrology and the elements.

As the athlete explained, “there’s a profound and significant tale” behind each facet of the artwork. “When I have time, I’ll tell you more about it. For the time being, I’m grateful to @balazsbercsenyi for his kindness and talent.”

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Balazs’ YouTube channel describes his style as one of “distinct, distinctive, and rigorous attention to detail. Sacred geometry, the occult, and sculpting are all mentioned in his biography as influences on his art.


His ex-fiancée, meanwhile, is on vacation in the Caribbean. Shailene recently traveled to Seville, Spain with her friend Alixa Garca. In a July 6 Instagram post, the Big Little Lies star reminisced, “It was as if the forces of nature were conspiring to bring us together. blessings, syncs and celestial collisions rained down on us.”

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