Who Is Phaedra Parks Now Dating? Everyone Want to Know Her Dating History!

Who Is Phaedra Parks Now Dating?

Who Is Phaedra Parks Now Dating?

Fans of the Bravo! a star may be astonished to find that she will still be single in 2022, despite popular belief. With her busy job schedule and the demands of being a mother to her two sons, Ayden and Dylan, Phaedra recently shared an update with her Instagram followers about how difficult it is for her to find time to go out on dates.

After posting the video of herself, she commented, “Me trying to figure out… how I’m going to spend time with my boys, work all my jobs, cook supper, and go on a date in three hours.”

‘Booked and busy single mom,’ the hashtag read, was included in the post.

Some of the other Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members also chimed in with their encouragement for Phaedra in the comments section. “Wow, you’re too cute for words, baby. I’m in love with you,” wrote Taylor Armstrong, a former member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Caroline Stanbury, a future Real Housewives of Dubai cast member, piped up to say, “Every day.”

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Except for that one admission, Phaedra hasn’t been forthcoming with much information about her private life lately. There have been numerous glances inside her family, however.

When she posted a video of her and her two sons dressed in Burberry and Versace on the eve of Easter in the year 2022 with the caption: “Greetings and best wishes for a happy Easter. Please know how much I love you.”

If you see someone who doesn’t have a smile on their face, give them yours. “My sunshine,” “boy mama,” and “family first” were among the many hashtags that quickly followed.

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In the past, Who was Phaedra Parks’ Boyfriend?

Phaedra’s love life has changed dramatically since she entered the reality television scene in 2010. She and her first husband, Apollo Nida, were newlyweds when she first became famous. Ayden and Dylan were born in 2010 and 2013, respectively, as a result of that union.


Phaedra and Apollo ended their relationship in 2014 when Apollo was sentenced to prison for identity theft and fraud. The divorce wasn’t finalized until 2017, three years after the couple had separated.

Tony Kapone and Medina Islam were among the people Phaedra was related to in 2019. The couple remained together until the COVID-19 epidemic forced them to end their relationship in 2021. No one else has been publicly associated to Real Housewives star since.

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