Cardi B and Kulture Attended her fourth Birthday Party Dressed In Matching Mermaid Costumes.

Cardi B and Kulture attended her fourth birthday party dressed in matching mermaid costumes.

Cardi B and Kulture attended her fourth birthday party dressed in matching mermaid costumes.

like a mermaid, like a mother! The lovely pair were dressed to the nines in adorable mermaid outfits as Cardi B celebrated her daughter Kulture’s fourth birthday in style.

On Sunday, the “Up” singer shared a slideshow of adorable photos from the lavish events—which also included husband Offset and their 10-month-old son, Wave—on Instagram.

With the photographs, the cute birthday girl is sporting a red hair color, a mesh top covered in sea shells, and a pearlescent mermaid tale skirt.


Cardi, meanwhile, wears an outfit with a similar mermaid concept but it is much more in her personal style.

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I got your back, your front, and your sides …..BIG 4, the pleased mother captioned the adorable slideshow with a message for her young daughter.

In an interview with Vogue Singapore earlier this week, Cardi discussed why she has never hired a babysitter despite having intended to do so before becoming a mother.

Everyone was quite anxious about my work and future, but I kept telling them that everything will be fine. I will have a nanny, and she will travel with me up and down, believe me.

It won’t even be an inconvenience, she claims.

“When the baby arrived, I was so scared that anyone other than my family would be around her that I couldn’t even consider hiring a babysitter. For Kulture, I’ve never employed a nanny.

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Cardi is aware of the help she receives from her husband and family, but she admits she doesn’t abuse her mother Clara Almánzar’s generosity by asking her to watch Kulture and Wave.

“Your parents have already grown up and lived their lives. They are older and lack the vigor of someone in their 20s, she claims.

Because it’s my duty as a mother, I’m never far from my children.

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