Codashop Free Fire India: A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Purchase More Free Fire Diamonds from Codashop in India

Codashop Free Fire India

Diamonds are one of the most expensive in-game products in Free Fire, according to Codashop. It serves as the game’s currency. Garena Free Fire often hosts a wide variety of events and partnerships. Because of this, there is constantly a rise in the demand for in-game commodities.

are a sought-after resource by players who want to easily earn rewards. There are other independent websites that advertise free diamond giveaways in the interim. One of them is also Codashop. Here, we’ll discuss whether or not it’s lawful. So let’s explore the Free Fire Unlimited diamonds hack in more detail.

How Can Players Top up Their Free Fire Diamonds at The Indian Codashop?

One of the most reputable top-up sites, Codashop, offers gamers a selection of in-game currencies, including Free Fire diamonds.


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To obtain diamonds, players merely need to provide their Player ID. To top up their Free Fire diamonds through Codashop in India, they can follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Players must first visit Codashop’s official website. To do so, players can click the link provided below.

Step 2: They must then select the “Free Fire” option. The screen will display a variety of top-up possibilities.

Step 3: They will next have to choose the required number of diamonds to purchase and select the payment option.

Step 4: Following a successful transaction, the players’ accounts will be credited with the diamonds.

On Codashop, a number of promotions are frequently running that provide players a better value. Indian users currently have access to PayTM, UPI, and Netbanking as payment methods.

How to Obtain Free Diamonds in Codashop Free Fire, Check to See if It’s Legal, Details Are Provided.

They must first go to the Codashop website. After that, they must enter their Fire Fire ID. The number of diamonds they wish to collect must then be entered. Finally, customers can add the diamonds to their cart and checkout.

It is a third-party website, though. Consequently, it differs greatly from other methods of collecting diamonds.

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All of these third-party websites of this nature promise to give away gaming credits. However, the majority of games actually have their own rules. It is totally phony and against the law. These kinds of activities should not be engaged in by players. Additionally, Garena could permanently ban the accounts.

Through Elite Passes, Updates, and Events, gamers frequently get to enjoy a variety of new products. They need a lot of diamonds in order to acquire those incentives. They are driven to hunt for diamonds online for this reason. There are numerous independent websites that advertise giving out free diamonds to players in the interim. In essence, users must log in using their website accounts.

Available Top-Up Options on Codashop


The top-up choices on Codashop are as follows:

  • 40 to 50 INR in diamonds
  • 80-100 INR in Diamonds
  • 240-310 INR in Diamonds
  • 400–520 INR in Diamonds
  • 800 to 1060 INR for diamonds
  • 1600 to 2180 INR Diamonds
  • 4000 to 5600 INR for diamonds

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