Is Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones got Divorced? Apparently Struggling with 25-Year Age Gap

Is Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones got Divorced?

Young Age and Education

Douglas was the first child and resident of New Brunswick, New Jersey, born to actors Kirk Douglas (1916–2020) and Diana Dill (1923–2015).
American Academy of Dramatic Arts is where his parents first met.


Jewish by birth, Issur Danielovitch was his father. Grandparents on Michael’s father’s side left Chavusy for America (now in Belarus, then part of the Russian Empire).

His mother was born and raised in Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, and was of English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Belgian, and Dutch descent. Sir Nicholas Bayard Dill, a politician, was Douglas’ uncle. Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Melville Dill, Douglas’ maternal grandfather, held the positions of the attorney general of Bermuda, member of the Bermudan Parliament (MCP), and commanding officer of the Bermuda Militia Artillery.

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Is Michael Douglas Preparing for A Divorce?

When Michael Douglas showed up to an awards ceremony with his son rather than his wife earlier this year, it raised some eyebrows.


It was also a sign, in New Idea’s opinion, that he and Catherine Zeta-Jones were counting down the hours until they could finally tie the knot. But the outlet knew there was trouble in paradise when it learned Zeta-Jones and Douglas were listing their New York apartment.

We did some investigating and discovered that the magazine caused panic for no reason. Zeta-Jones posted on Instagram in support of her husband despite being unable to attend. There was nothing particularly strange about them selling their apartment. The couple was attempting to recoup some of their investment in their various NYC properties by selling some of them. There is nothing odd about that.

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Going Through a “Serious Rough Patch” Is Michael Douglas?

Then, OK! reported that things between Douglas and Zeta-Jones weren’t as bad as they were portraying. The tabloid added an insider’s account of how they have grown apart along with a mention of Zeta-Jones’ absence from the awards show. One source said, “They are like two ships passing in the night.” But the tipster’s position had changed by the article’s conclusion. “Their loved ones are confident Catherine and Michael will be able to work through their issues and survive.”


However, the source was repeating the same talking points. Again, Zeta-Jones’ absence from the awards show was not suspicious. Following the incident, Zeta-Jones even shared a sweet photo of herself and Douglas on Instagram.

The couple’s representatives had already denied the rumors of tension. The magazine’s hasty judgment, in this case, is understandable given what they do, but it seemed appropriate to let the horse lie in this case.

Age Differences Between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones a Problem?

The Globe eventually pinpointed the couple’s alleged issues as being caused by their 25-year age difference. According to an insider, it “was always going to bite them at some point.” That’s what Michael is going through right now as he approaches 80 and gets much less active and agile. Zeta-Jones continued to play golf and was met with “admiring looks” from younger men during this time.


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Naturally, we didn’t believe this story either. First of all, despite his advancing years, Douglas is far from slowing down.

The actor continues to have a successful career, and we have no doubt that he approaches his family life with the same enthusiasm. However, the timing was the main aspect we found objectionable. Why now? The couple has two children together and has been married for 22 years. We are confident that even after all these years, their age difference hasn’t diminished their love for one another.

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