Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022: Everyone Want to Know

Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022: Everyone Want to Know Its

It’s difficult to find someone who didn’t grow up with even the tiniest Pokémon obsession. What started as a Nintendo video game evolved into a whole franchise of games, cartoons, and motion pictures.

Since we never had the ability to play video game versions, the majority of how Pokémon fans were introduced to the world of Pokémon was through animated works. The excitement was therefore apparent when Nintendo unveiled Pokémon GO, a smartphone version of the game.


Don’t we all recall when Pokémon GO first came out in 2016? It received so much attention that, in 2022, people are still hunting for Pokémon GO cheats. After all, why not advance in the game if we can use a few tiny cheats? In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 Pokémon GO scams of 2022.

Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022:

1. One, Fake Your Location

Pokémon GO is the kind of augmented reality game that demands you to go along the street and even cross a river in order to collect Pokémon. Anywhere could contain a Pokémon. During the entire trip to work, in the area outside your front door, in the schoolyard, etc.


However, there are instances when we don’t feel like dressing up and going for that walk. Other times, it is far better to lie about where you are than to take a chance. The solution is location spoofing. To fudge your location in the game, you can get some outside assistance. In this manner, you could be relaxing in bed as the video game trainer catches aDragonite.

Pokémon GO fake location

Note: Players of Pokémon GO must use a handy tool because they cannot just spoof their position manually. Check out the Bonus section of this post if you want to learn how to use the best Pokémon GO location-spoofing tool.

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2. View the Weather Prediction

Do you know where in the vicinity of the forests you can find a wild Pokémon? The weather is also in the same situation. There are many types of Pokémon that you can see depending on the weather. The likelihood of getting more stardust rises if you succeed in capturing the Pokémon species that are best suited to the conditions on that particular day.

Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022: Everyone Want to Know Its

For instance, catching a Chimecho on a windy day would reward you with 1250 stardust rather than the base 1000.

look at the weather report

3. Uncheck AR

A game with AR-enabled is undoubtedly entertaining to play. Half the reason we like playing the game is that we can use our phones to see Pokémon appear in unexpected places, like the top of a wall. However, it can be awkward for strangers to see you walking down the street while pointing your phone camera at them.


The view will change to a grassy area with the Pokémon seated in the center if the AR is deselected. They may wander around, making it difficult to capture them, but at least you aren’t fumbling with your phone and running the risk of being struck by oncoming traffic. Remove AR from Pokémon GO.

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4. Select Pickachu as your very first Pokemon.


This cheat is for you if you’re playing Pokémon GO for the first time and are savvy enough to recognize cheaters before using them. Till Pikachu arrives on the screen, ignore everyone else save for your starter Pokémon. Pikachu has a natural bias for the player and the Pokémon because of his background with Nintendo and Pokémon.

5. Pick Your Defender Wisely

When you locate an empty gym, you can protect it by leaving your Pokémon there. Select the Pokémon with the second-highest CP because your fighter will be left there indefinitely.

6. Discover Hidden Statistics

You have to capture them all since you’re playing a game where you catch Pokémon. However, there are occasions when you must give up some. Some Pokémon have low IV but high HP and CP. These IV values dictate how quickly a Pokémon will develop. You should focus most of your attention on this concealed statistic.

7. Select the Proper Egg for Hatching

You need to purchase an incubator for the Pokémon eggs you just purchased from PokéStop before you can start exploring. Before these eggs hatch, you must travel a distance of kilometers. A Pokémon with strong stats is guaranteed if you purchase an egg that requires a 10k (Kilometer) walk before it hatches. You can make a Cubone-like companion by walking 5k. You could get a standard, low-level fighter with a 2kone.

8. Utilize a few Poké Ball tricks.

The majority of people believe that capturing a Pokémon entails hurling the Poké Ball at it. The battle then is to determine who is ber. However, the truth is that you have the power to influence the capturing process.


The player only needs to throw a curveball to do it. If you’re not familiar with the term, a curveball is when the Poké Ball travels in a curved path before it reaches the Pokémon. You will receive various XP boosts in addition to the Pokémon you capture for your efforts. Trainers can level up in games with XP. A trainer is more likely to encounter Pokémon with higher CP levels if their XP is high.

9. Fling the Ball

Curveballs are surprisingly easy to throw. Tap the Poké Ball, keep it in place, and then spin it before throwing it. You can rotate the ball either clockwise or counterclockwise. Tossing the ball after making it glitter is the final objective. A curveball awaits the player in return for their efforts.

10. Move the Pokemon.

You can keep track of every Pokémon you’ve ever caught in your PokeStorage. Have you noticed that some Pokémon have weak stats that you will almost certainly never use in combat? Given your limited storage space, it is not a smart idea to store them. Additionally, if you subsequently come across a Pokémon with high stats, your PokeStorage may be too full to allow you to catch it.

Consequently, you could occasionally need to transfer a Pokémon with poor stats. Simply click on the Pokémon inside the PokeStorage, review the stats on the screen, and then click the transfer button. You will receive 1 candy in exchange for exchanging your Pokémon. This candy can be used to help your remaining Pokémon gain strength.

11. Examine the Movements

One or more players may own multiples of the same Pokémon. Getting rid of the ones that aren’t long-term assets for the game is crucial. How do we go about doing that?

A player may concentrate on any of two factors. It can be the moves or the CP (Combat Power). Which capture has higher CP? Even if one of them has a higher CP, it’s possible that the other has stronger moves. Then, you should favor Pokémon whose move stats appear ber. CP points can be acquired, and each Pokémon has its own set of moves.

Section 2. Mind the Three-Strike Policy

After providing you with 10 cheats for Pokémon GO, we believe it is our duty to let you know about the three-strike policy Niantic, the firm in charge of the game’s augmented reality system, has developed. Because the game disapproves of your cheating, it will take a number of steps based on your behavior as soon as it notices any suspect activity during your gameplay.

1. Opening Strike

The Pokémon GO app will alert you that cheating has been detected with a warning. You can lose access to items like meeting rare Pokémon and Ex Raid pass privileges for a week. You can restore normal gameplay if you stop cheating.

2. Second Hit

When you attempt to log in, a message stating that you have been suspended will flash by if you receive a second strike. For 30 days, you won’t be able to access your account. After that, your account will function normally again. The third strike won’t be nice, so you should really cease using Pokémon GO cheats or change the manner you cheat at this point.

3. Three Strikes

You’ve been expelled from the game indefinitely. If you believe there was an error, you may still send a ban appeal, but the likelihood that you will have your account back are slim.

Bonus: The Best Pokémon GO Location-Spoofing Tool

As we’ve previously stated, Pokémon GO users can gain various advantages by spoofing their location. It goes without saying that the ideal method to accomplish this would be to use a location-changing program like UnicTool TailorGo.

Top 10 Pokémon GO Cheats in 2022: Everyone Want to Know Its

Players can move to any location in the world with TailorGo to find additional materials and advance through the game more rapidly. Additionally, anyone can relocate virtually thanks to this effective instrument. Players can simulate GPS mobility in the game without ever moving at all, specifically! It certainly sounds intriguing. In Pokémon Go, you can explore the Pokémon universe while laying in bed at a walking, riding, or driving speed.

This may be the most significant Pokémon GO trick you discover in 2022. If the location may be changed as desired, playing Pokémon GO becomes easier in half.

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