Jada Pinkett’s and Will Smith Alleged Divorce Rumors Heat Up: How Will They Split?

Jada Pinkett's and Will Smith Alleged Divorce Rumors Heat Up

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s Alleged Divorce Rumors Heat Up: How Will They Split?

Since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards in 2022, a lot has changed. Fans are now worried that the actor and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are divorcing.

The rumors are a result of a misinterpreted old report that has since been erased.

Since the Oscars incident, the couple’s private lives have been under scrutiny, and this current story isn’t the first they have been involved in.

Before you believe or participate in rumors about a celebrity couple’s relationship or marriage, it’s crucial to confirm the truth.


Fans who are worried have checked the veracity of the Will and Jada split rumors on Twitter.


Following recent rumours that they may be divorcing, and how Jada would inherit a sizable portion of her husband’s riches if that were to happen, the allegations acquired further traction.

The rumors, however, are the product of a misinterpretation of a Heat Magazine piece that is no longer accessible.

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Here’s why you should avoid believing these irrational rumors:

The Couple Hasn’t Spoken Publicly About Divorcing.

The now-deleted article by Heat Magazine that had an insider quote and was reprinted by other publications, including the Mirror, is what gave rise to the rumors that Will and Jada were divorcing.


The quotation reads: “Tensions between them have been evident ever since the Oscars scandal. Although there have been issues for a while, they currently hardly communicate. Will has a fortune worth $350 million, which Jada would be entitled to share of if they were to divorce under California law.

The insider hasn’t mentioned the pair getting a divorce, to start. Simply mentioning the prospect of it, they add, “If they were to split.”

Furthermore, neither Jada nor Will have addressed rumors of their separation or even made a suggestion that they might do so.

There is no justification to believe these rumors, therefore.

Will and Jada have been approached by HITC for comment. But as of the publication of this piece, we had not yet received a reply.

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In the days that followed the Oscars event, numerous rumors circulated.

One of them allegedly said the actor had been detained and charged. Chris Rock chose not to lodge a complaint, so no legal action was done against Will.


The person involved has chosen not to submit a police report, according to the police, who spoke to Deadline. LAPD will be ready to complete an investigation report if the involved party requests one at a later time.

Another theory claimed that Chris was using a cheek pad and that the on-stage punch was manufactured.

The viral image that some had used to suggest that Chris was wearing a cheek pad, however, was in fact “altered,” according to Reuters, who made this clarification in their piece.

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