The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022


However, the reality is frequently extremely different. Three-quarters of adults in the UK alone claimed to have experienced overwhelming stress at some point in the previous year, demonstrating that technology is not living up to its promise of a straightforward, automated future.

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The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

We’ve put together a list of the top life-hacking applications for Android and iOS that you can use to make technology work for you by streamlining processes, enhancing your life, and making reaching your objectives as simple as adding up.

1.) Dark Sky – Best Life Hacks App

An excellent tool for organizing activities and getting ready for the future, this is one of the top LifeHacker productivity apps. But up until now, there has been doubt regarding the precision and timing of weather applications and other systems.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

You may get a detailed weather forecast with minute-by-minute updates with the Dark Sky app. The apps focus on your specific location and give you the local weather conditions.

Top features of Dark Sky, best life hacks app

  • Accurate weather forecast
  • Watch compilation
  • Add new locations
  • Stability and performance improvements

2.) Mint – One of The Best Life Hacks App

Since managing your money isn’t the most exciting subject, apps like Mint can help users see their finances quickly and easily without getting bogged down in the details.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

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This Lifehacker productivity app can assist you in getting a general understanding of your finances without taxing your brain too much by keeping track of everything from bank accounts to credit cards and investments. The app also provides advice on how to stretch your money further.

You can use the app to make recurring payments if managing your finances or remembering which bills you’ve paid each month is a challenge for you. Simply enter your monthly payee information, and Mint will handle the rest.

Top features of Mint, one of the best life hack apps

  • See everything in one place
  • Save time and money
  • Make better budgets
  • Stay secure

3.) Flush – One of The Most Useful Apps for Daily Life

If you have an overactive bladder, traveling can be intimidating. Weekend getaways needn’t be a worry according to one of Sam Ruston’s most recent Lifehacker productivity applications.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

Using the app Flush, you can quickly locate public restrooms. It has a modern, dynamic design and saves the locations of countless public restrooms on your phone so you’ll never be without one, even when you’re not connected.

You may use Flush to locate the closest restroom with confidence and to get information about each facility, so you’ll always know if there is a price or if there is access for people with disabilities. Flush uses data from Google to create its map.

Top features of Flush, one of the best apps for everyday life

  • Find public restrooms easily
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • More than 200,000 toilets in the network
  • Quick direction button

4.) HelloFresh – among Top Life Hack Apps

One of the Lifehacker productivity applications is grocery shopping, which is a monotonous chore that is hard to love. Purchasing groceries and preparing a dinner feels like the worst thing imaginable, especially if you are exhausted from a long day at work. The answer to this common issue is HelloFresh. Although it is possible to buy food online or use a food delivery service, the level of hygiene and sanitation in those situations is unclear.

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The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

It is not possible for people to order meals from a restaurant if they are on special diets or are extremely cautious about what they put in their bodies. There are tens of thousands of incredible recipes available on HelloFresh. Do not worry if you are sick of throwing away extra food supplies. You will receive just the right number of ingredients from HelloFresh to prepare a healthy and delicious meal. Now be careful to serve them hot and with good food hygiene.

Top features of HelloFresh, one of the best life hack apps

  • Order from thousands of customizable recipes
  • Get the exact amount of ingredients
  • Stop wasting time grocery shopping
  • Get the hand-picked ingredients with the best quality

5.) My Fitness Pal – Best daily life App

The survey claims that 92% of people have trouble sticking to their weight-loss objectives and that sometimes all you need is a little motivation.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

The next best thing to a personal trainer, My Fitness Pal is one of the lifehacker productivity apps and helps users manage their nutrition and exercise as well as adjust their daily routines, keep an eye on their calorie consumption, and make smarter food decisions.

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The fitness industry has taken notice of the app because it employs gamification strategies to encourage users to reach their objectives and can make losing weight much more enjoyable.

Top features of My Fitness Pal, one of the best apps to make life easier

  • Calorie counter
  • Track all activities
  • Keep records for 7 days
  • Food database and barcode scanner

6.) Evernote – The best daily life App

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

One of the Lifehacker important apps we offer was not only created to meet the needs of those who deal with a lot of “paperwork,” but it also makes it easier for regular people to keep track of their documents and access them from any location. Evernote is a fantastic program for taking notes, annotating research, sharing files, and modifying documents while on the go.

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Your documents can be synced with Evernote so that you can access them whenever you want from any smart device.

Top features of Evernote, the best note-taking app

  • Capture ideas and notes on the go.
  • Journals with easy access
  • Multiple device usage
  • Attach, pdf, images, docs, and much more

7.) Secure VPN – Best daily life App

One of the Lifehacker essential applications, virtual private networks, or VPNs, are best known for enabling users to get past geo-restrictions on streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, making it much simpler to keep up with the newest TV shows.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

But they’re also a fantastic money-saving tool and a crucial component of contemporary cybersecurity. In order to connect to the internet and appear to be browsing from a different location, VPNs use a network of privately owned servers spread out throughout the world.

Because plane ticket prices are based on where you live, a VPN can also help you save money. All you have to do is open a VPN program, choose a new location, and spend some time looking up international flight prices.

Top features of Secure VPN, the best daily life app

  • Keep yourself secret
  • Access proxy servers
  • Access the web from anywhere in the world
  • Visit website restricted by the local ISP

8.) Google Calendar – One of the most useful apps in daily life

Calendar software that you can share is always helpful, whether you’re trying to schedule meetings amongst coworkers, plan a party for a buddy, or update the family.

With its straightforward, streamlined layout and excellent functionality, Google calendar is one of the greatest applications for organizing your life.

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The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

One of the important lifehacker apps lets you make events and appointments directly in the app, import your schedule from Gmail, and share it with numerous people. Additionally, as it’s a Google product, you can utilize the app’s built-in map to find your route if you get lost on the way to an appointment or key meeting.

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Top features of Google calendar, one of the best life hack apps

  • Sync contacts with all platforms
  • Sync Calendar with all the network lists
  • Get reminders, notifications, and alerts
  • Schedule meetings and send notifications

9.) Libby – Among the most useful apps in daily life

Stress is known to be decreased by reading a good book, which is beneficial for the mind. So why not think about installing one of the fantastic Lifehacker essential apps if you want to find a new method to unwind at the end of the day or make your daily commute a bit less stressful.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

By assisting smartphone users in locating and checking out ebooks and audiobooks from their nearby libraries, Overdrive’s Libby was created. You may also use Libby to reserve books if there’s a specific book you want to read but it’s out on loan right now.

Libby’s built-in ebook reader enables you to listen to ebooks as well if you love audiobooks but can’t seem to find an audio version of your favorite book.

Top features of Libby, one of the best life hack apps

  • Borrow books
  • Choose from a vast collection of books
  • Add bookmarks and continue where you left
  • Download and read offline

10.) Netflix – One of the most useful apps in daily life

One of the top Lifehacker essential applications, Netflix, is the undisputed king of online entertainment delivery with more than 100 million customers. In Q1, 2019, Netflix added almost 10 million new subscribers. This live TV app for Android and iOS smartphones offers a FREE 30-day trial so you can determine whether you want to keep using it or not despite its widespread use.

The Top Life-Hacking Applications for IOS and Android in 2022

When it comes to streaming high-quality video, it is the greatest of the best TV applications. A must-have service provider in town is Netflix if you’re a connoisseur who only watches movies and TV series that you like.

One of the most popular live-streaming apps, in fact. When it comes to discovering high-quality videos, it is not always prepared with all the newest and must-have movies and television shows, but it is still regarded as the greatest online content streamer.

Top features of Netflix, one of the best life hack apps

  • Provides original movies and TV shows
  • Ensures multi-device support
  • A wide selection of options
  • Affordable subscription charges and more

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